Supporters In Congress Make New Attempt To Revive The Export-Import Bank

by Jim Zarroli  |  published on October 26, 2015

On Monday a bipartisan group of House members will try to revive the Export-Import Bank, a federal government agency that finances exports — which its critics deride as little more than a slush fund for big corporations.

The agency, known as the Ex-Im bank, essentially stopped doing new business on July 1, after House leaders let its charter lapse at the behest of conservative Republicans who attacked it as “corporate welfare.”

But the bank has plenty of friends in Washington, and earlier this month 42 Republicans joined 176 Democrats to sign a discharge petition, a rarely used legislative maneuver designed to force a measure up for a vote.

Supporters in the House appear to have enough votes to re-authorize the bank, although it’s less clear it can pass the Senate.

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