There goes the neighborhood…

June 12, 2015

081312-national-separate-neighborhoods-rich-poor-620x350The Obama administration is moving forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods, drawing fire from critics who decry the proposal as executive overreach in search of an “unrealistic utopia.”

A final Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rule due out this month is aimed at ending decades of deep-rooted segregation around the country.

The regulations would use grant money as an incentive for communities to build affordable housing in more affluent areas while also taking steps to upgrade poorer areas with better schools, parks, libraries, grocery stores and transportation routes as part of a gentrification of those communities.

  • WiSe GuY

    Just what nigger 0bama ordered.

  • WiSe GuY

    0bama wants to ruin the USA

  • the American

    This is the equivalent to affirmative action education, giving grant money to unqualified individuals solely for the sake of “social justice “….stupid idea to begin with. ….but hey, no one ever said being a envious, jealous leftard means you’re smart, just evil……maybe ocommie and his leftard buddies think that somehow the poor low information crowd will get rich through osmosis or whatever, but the rich are rich because of hard work and good decision making, something leftard low information grubered minions hate.

  • Webb

    Section 8…More Tax Dollars Wasted!
    All In the Name Of “Fairness and Equality”…

  • rep

    All hail Caligula.

  • rep

    You can dress up a pig in a tux. But it’s still a pig. Let’s see them move people into the politicians neighborhoods first.

    • studi30

      Or you can put brass buttons on a chimp and he still wouldn’t be Commander-in-Chief , er, a general.

  • Why, they will just destroy them again, with their riots, drug dealing, gangs, and idiocy! Obama was given a free pass his entire life and you see how that turned out, he is a complete A$$wipe Homo Perverted Islamic Pig Leech, just like his tranny and kids! Leeches helping Leeches destroy our Nation! No wonder this Cockroach keeps his Records SEALED! They would not only prove he is an illegal President and put him in Prison, but they will also show Obama is not very intelligent at all, and far from being the “intelligent” person that the Leftist Cowards tried to Lie to us about! You want to see what REAL Educated and Intelligent Statemen look like and how they act, you have to look no further than TED CRUZ and TREY GOWDY, two of the greatest Statesmen to come along in many a Decade!

    • Ped Xing


  • justmo

    Should be Obamas and his buds neighborhoods first!

  • This man is OUT OF HIS MIND! We the People will never, ever stand for this! What happens when you do this? The place becomes a ghetto!

  • Robert Wilson

    I was poor, crossed the rail tracks each day to school. The house we rented had no insulation, and a cesspool for sewage,(you know, much like the present administration.) My father, a carpenter, was, at times, out of work and money was short. there was one heater in the house that burned coal oil. Air actually blew through the walls in winter. Yes, poor, but our quarters were clean, and neat, the yard also without clutter. WE CHILDREN DID NOT KNOW WE WERE POOR, NO TOYS, NO FOOD STAMPS, NO FREE SCHOOL LUNCH, NO NOTHING. We grew to be strong independent adults ready for the responsibilities laid before us. Quit supporting these sniveling idiots and allow them to stand on their own two feet.

  • disgusted110

    Hey Americans! Will you remember this at election time? If you think Killary will be any better, think again.

  • vietnamvet67

    What other BS does this Damn Socialist , Radical Muslim has on is Socialist agenda ? Call your Representatives , write to this a hole

  • Dave In Arizona

    Well, the central idea of socialism is to make everyone equally poor. Now, with Obama’s “help-diversify- America’s-wealthier-neighborhoods” corollary, we have everyone living in identical hovels. Shades of Bernie Sanders!

  • JIM


    • mustangsallyann

      In reality, isn’t this just another version of what Clinton did, put people in homes and areas they couldn’t afford. Once the ‘grant’ money runs out, a whole lot of people losing their homes and another housing crash. Some people never learn.

  • John VanderKelen

    Executive overreach is synonomous with Progressive unconstitutional, experiment to the detriment of the United States Democrats.

  • Joseph Le Bard

    Let them live in the outhouse they built , Should not be rewarded for wontom destruction , Get an education begin a career an raise a decent family.

  • WiSe GuY

    Coming to a neighborhood near you.

    • KentS

      A little rock salt would do there.

      • studi30

        Don’t aim for the head, ever. Waste of ammo.

  • Jim

    Just another Communist ploy to destroy our society, and another action that Obama does not have the Constitutional authority to take. If we are so intent on self destruction why don’t we just hire (elect) a headsman to chop off our own heads in the next election? At least it would be an honest election and we would know, going in, what we were getting. How this piece of foreign matter was ever allowed to enter our country, let alone our governments highest office, is beyond my comprehension. Actually, given that our Senators and Congressmen are supposedly representing our interests in our government dealings, how has Obama been able to remain in office? They have the absolute ability to remove this trash from our government and from our country, Why don’t they? Are they more interested in lining their own pockets? Or are they afraid for their own lives? Something is absolutely wrong in our government today and that something is destroying our country and our freedoms.

    • reggie

      NSA spies on them too. The modern, and highly upgraded bs that would have had J. Edgar Hoover salivating. He had so much dirt on everyone not one president dared to fire him.

  • Art Hock

    Bringing thugs to the better class neighborhoods. This imposter is doing everything to destroy America. This isn’t integration, this is destruction.

    • Robert Wilson

      And doing this he hopes to start a racial war. However, if these rejects should return to their country of origin, WHAT WOULD WE HAVE LOST?

    • Lurline Sintros

      Our tax dollars are not paying the total amount. I have read that the rich people who live in those areas must elect to contribute matching funds. Can’t you just see those people paying to import savages into their neighborhoods? ROFLMAO

      • Art Hock

        Yes I can see these rich dudes spending their money to bring in the dirtbags to trash up their gated communities. It’ll end up costing us common people and our tax dollars to do the job.

      • mustangsallyann

        Are you kidding???

  • impeach now

    Like everything else he has attempted, this too shall fail. Everything he touched turns into fecal matter.

  • reagangs

    This will play out just like the rest of his dictatorship …. a complete failure. Obummer is not even a good “community organizer”. Just like old Sal Alinsky, a card carrying commie with his Rules for Radicals, they are intent on destroying what’s left of our once great Nation. The commies have been trying to take over the US of A for almost a century, ever since old V, Lenin became the god father of the USSR in 1920. They can’t stand our success. All because of old Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto (~1850). In the 1940s, Joe McCarthy and the FBI listed some 300+ radical commies in our fed bureaucracy. FDR, Truman and even Ike refused to acknowledge the list, evidently old J. Stalin had them in his pocket. Eventually most of them either quit, were fired or were reassigned. When JFK, a staunch anti communist took over, they had him and several of his cabinet members murdered. I helped fight those brutal ba$tards in a far and away distant hell hole in the late 1960s. They helped the radical hipsters organize their violent protest in the USA. Again, they are well entrenched in our present fed government and bureaucracy, all the way from the WH to our law makers. HEY, AMERICA, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE RADICAL LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST AND DEMOWIT COMMIE CRAP. IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH.

    • KentS

      Armed conflict coming to a hell hole near you. IMHO

      • Robert Wilson

        Careful, this is EXACTLY what B.O wants, internal strife. “It” would do ANYTHING to stay in power including inciting riots in order to declare martial law. The clean-up begins after his entrenched idiosyncrasies have left.

      • festmatt5440

        Our forefathers ,would be using their guns , by now .

  • Bruce

    How does he get funding for grants without congressional approval. And thee are not grants, it is more like bribery and extortion.

    • Robert Wilson

      B.O. has deep pockets courtesy of his lover, Soros. Congress now has left leaning Republicans to help and (bribery/extortion)

  • DPMP

    Grant money !!! BS it OUR tax dollars they will be using and for what so they can trash it again. If these so called poorer areas want a better life they should work for it. It should not be given to them.

    • Ron Warren

      Like Lucifer, Obama is trying to unseat God and re-create the world in HIS image.


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