‘THIS IS GOING TO KILL PEOPLE’ Fla. gov issues warning as Category 4 Hurricane Matthew barrels toward US

by FOXNews.com  |  published on October 6, 2016

Hurricane MatthewMatthew strengthened back into a Category 4 hurricane Thursday, the National Hurricane Center announced, as emergency officials urged some 2 million people from Florida to South Carolina to pack up and get out.

“Do not go on the beach. This will kill you,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned Thursday. “Unfortunately, this is going to kill people.”

The storm’s top wind speed surged to 140 mph Thursday morning, officials said. Hurricane Matthew was moving northwest near 14 mph between Andros Island and Nassau in the Bahamas. Forecasting models predicted the storm could ride up the coast all the way to South Carolina, possibly making landfall over Florida Thursday night.

“When a hurricane is forecast to take a track roughly parallel to a coastline, as Matthew is forecast to do from Florida through South Carolina, it becomes very difficult to specify impacts at any one location,” National Hurricane Center forecaster Lixion Avila said.

  • billie

    Father God I come before you to ask you to place your hand on your children to guide and protect them in this time of need. I ask these things in the Name of Christ Jesus. Amen.

    • computerguyks

      Thanks billie, I live in Central Florida 30 miles from Orlando and about 75 miles from Daytona Beach. The winds are forecast right now to be between 50 and 75mph. If it strengthens to a CAT 5, they would probably be 85 to 100mph I would think. I hope not! We live in a Mobile Home. You really got to watch out for Tornadoes spawned with the wind currents. I’ll be repeating Psalms 23 and Psalms 91 and praying to my Savior that we will be protected. The outer rain bands are now starting.

      • billie

        I can fully understand, many years ago I lived in Panama City. I will intensify my prayers towards those in this danger zone.

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      • Tiger

        Hey my friend we are in the middle of the state and in the yellow zone. Our children and extended family in the light red zone. We lived through Andrew and boy what it did to the coast was unbelievable. If the cat 4 hits up and down the coast it will reek havoc catastrophic for sure.

    • Retired

      All these disasters world wide are a warning from our creator.

      • billie

        God promised that he would never flood the earth again. Yet, He still uses water to effect his movements.

    • Tiger

      Thank you Billie. Love Tiger

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