1776 Coalition :: Trump becomes first president to pray at Western Wall

Trump becomes first president to pray at Western Wall

May 22, 2017

President Trump on Monday became the first sitting U.S. president to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, one of the holiest sites in Judaism.

Mr. Trump placed his right hand on the ancient stone wall, prayed and placed a small paper prayer note in a crevice, as is tradition. He and first lady Melania Trump also toured the nearby Church of the Holy Sepulchre, at the site where most Christians believe Christ was crucified and buried.

The Western Wall forms the foundation of the Second Jewish Temple, built by King Herod in the first century B.C., and is a pilgrimage site for Jews all over the world.

The president, wearing a yarmulke, was accompanied by son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka, who prayed at a separate section of the wall for women.

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  • charles becker says:


  • Bob says:

    What a joke – Satan doesn’t know how to pray. But he DOES know how prey – ON WOMEN. That’s what he’s known for – Preying, Groping and Grabbing!!!

    1. David Stovall says:

      I believe he is doing some good, and I believe you are not.

      1. Bob says:

        Yeah, he’s doing some good alright. Just be sure and keep him away from your wife and kids. Then, once we see those Crooked Tax Returns we’ll understand why he was begging everyone in the Intelligence Community to DROP THE INVESTIGATIONS!!!

        1. keedon says:

          The IRS has seen his tax returns and he hasn’t been arrested for tax evasion. His taxes haven’t been flagged by the FBI. Your mindless bloviating only shows the rest of us what a gullible, liberal loser you are. Spar with you was fun at first but now you grow tiresome. Bye, you are blocked.

          1. Bob says:

            I didn’t think you’d last very long, LOSER. The Uneducated never do. That’s because you Republicons can’t carry a discussion about an agenda or policies – you know, things like Taxes, Health Care, Infrastructure, Education. Keep supporting your Pervert, Putin Puppet, skippy!!!

          2. rewindpulaski says:

            Bob – You have some very serious issues that you need to deal with immediately. Your TDS and BDS are all too strong. Seek professional help as soon as you can. I’m serious “Dude”… You’ve gone way over the edge

          3. Bob says:

            Wound too tight. Looks like you need help, bunky, with spelling words instead of using letters like TDS and BDS. Guess it comes with being “Uneducated.” Time for you to move along with you coloring book, skippy!!

          4. otoman says:

            Ever notice the game liberals play? They accuse a person of the very disability that they themselves have? You fit the bill in every aspect.

          5. otoman says:

            LOL! YOU WIN, the satisfaction of knowing that someone realizes you are a lost little puppy with no soul and has decided to not waste their time with you. Smart person in my eyes! Which yes, makes me pretty stupid to keep responding to your anger and hatred. I guess I just feel more sorry for you than keedon did so I hang around just to amuse you. I do that for all mentally challenged people. I just have a big heart that aims to please those that are less fortunate than I am.

          6. Bob says:

            keedumb – You don’t really think you were qualified to spar do you? Surely you jest!The Tax Evasion case is going to be so lock-tight when they are done, Chump will be wearing a striped uniform with numbers on it.

        2. otoman says:

          A little behind the times aren’t you? Comey already testified before Congress and said there has been NO president that has ever asked him to stop an investigation. Strange how things change with liberals when they are under oath!

          1. Bob says:

            Dealing with your “alternative facts” again, I see. I prefer to call a damn liar, a “damn liar.” Get what I’m saying, skippy!!

          2. otoman says:

            You’re looking in the mirror when you use the word liar. Learn how to use google! Or are you so brainwashed that the only news you believe is reported on ABC, CNBC, and CNN! LOL! Poor sheltered wittle baby!

          3. Bob says:

            Still playing with yourself, I see!!!

    2. otoman says:

      What do you care? You are not an American and liberals do not believe in God or Satan. It takes more than a birthright to be an American. And liberals simply do not have that “more”. Why make such a hollow post when you believe nothing that supports it???

      1. Bob says:

        So interesting listening to you “Uneducated” right wing nuts babble on about nothing. Too bad you can’t talk about an agenda or policy items like Jobs, Health Care, Infrastructure and Education. I’m sure those things are WAY OVER YOUR HEAD, right, skippy! That’s why you have the “Uneducated” tag, skippy. You’ll just have to live with it, dude!!!

        1. otoman says:

          LOL! Made 100 G a year at my own business WITHOUT a college degree that snowflakes show pride in, while their parents pay for it all. Then they go live at home with mommy and daddy for the next 2 decades! I can talk all the politics you want. But my specialty is human nature. Something liberals don’t understand since they have clearly shown themselves to be subhuman after Trump won the WH. Hate, violence, destruction. You know, all those things they accused conservatives of being without any evidence to prove it! LOL! The truth always has a way of coming out in the end. Open your eyes and realize that living a lie never gets anyone anywhere in life. At least from a moral perspective. But then again, what does a liberal care about morals? That’s why you are called liberals. “Do as I want and how I feel. As long as I am OK in the end, nothing else matters. That is, until someone else does what I do and I become affected. THEN, it’s not right for them, just for me.” Doesn’t sound American to me! Sounds TWO FACED and SELF CENTERED!

          1. Bob says:

            What are you babbling about anyway? Glad you’re so good at talking politics. Why don’t you explain how Bush and Cheney managed to lose 800,000 jobs per month, and shuttered 354,000 manufacturing plants while in office. Then they killed 4,500 Americans in Iraq, looking for WMDs, they KNEW DID NOT EXIST. Glad you’re making 100 K per year. You’ll need it for your Chump Care premiums, co-pays and deductibles. But Ryan’s going to give you a voucher to wipe your butt with, skippy! How nice!!!

          2. otoman says:

            WMD’s were verified by Canadian, British and Israel intelligence. WHINY democrats made Bush wait 8 months to go into Iraq. Plenty of time for Saddam to hide and move to other countries. Moreover, If you were intelligent enough to use google you would see that WMD’s were in fact found but of course never reported by MSM since they desire to demean any republican president they can. Liberals fail to remember that 9-11 happened 8 months after Bush took office. THEN is when the economy started to go down the chute. People were afraid to spend for a couple years after which in turn snowballed. But of course liberals do not have the integrity or honesty to see reality. Only their dream world as they please it to be. Insurance premiums have doubled since Obamacare has taken control. Medical care has declined as well as benefits reduced though premiums have doubled. There were millions of people that had great medical benefits before O’Care that lost them because of O’Care. They had no choice but to apply for the NOT so affordable govt. health care. Tell me, WHY is it a “right” to have health care? Especially for the millions of diabetics that have that disease because they REFUSE to eat properly and get exercise to make themselves healthier. You apparently are one of those lazy people that believe others are responsible for them because you are somehow hindered from getting a decent job, or obviously somehow mentally deficient to better yourself to make more money. Liberals have no family orientation so they believe complete strangers should be responsible for them since they are incapable of being responsible for themselves. Liberals call truthful statements babble because they simply just can’t understand truth.

          3. Bob says:

            Glad to see you’re up on your history. Bush was warned for 8 months and DID NOTHING TO PROTECT AMERICA – NOTHING. Sorry pal, but they’re STILL LOOKING FOR THOSE WMDs. And Cheney stood in front of the whole world and said, “We know exactly where the WMDs are.” The whole World has been laughing ever since, skippy! Now lets see those Crooked Tax Returns so we can build the gallows on the White House lawn.

          4. otoman says:

            You still haven’t learned how to use Google? Typical hopeless liberal. Lol

          5. Bob says:

            Sorry pal, I prefer to deal with facts instead of “alternative facts,” which Republicons admit!!

          6. otoman says:

            Facts are lies to liberals. So what your saying is you like to deal with lies. Manufactured truth is not facts. Here is more truth. But because it didn’t come from CNN I am sure you won’t understand the truth. constitution.com/lone-conservative-destroys-nbc-panel-russia-trump-collusion

          7. Bob says:

            Your babbling just shows more clearly, how “Uneducated” you are, which forces you to LIE. “Facts are facts” to everyone, bunky! “Alternative Facts” are facts to clowns like you. Stick to your coloring book and you’ll be OK, skippy!!

          8. otoman says:

            At least I can stay within the lines. Unlike a liberal with a college education. I have shown you much that has been identified as truth, yet you say it is babble. As I said, when you learn to understand that truth is facts, then maybe you will graduate into adulthood.

          9. Bob says:

            I realize you’re TRYING to sound intelligent but its just not working out for you, skippy!!!

          10. otoman says:

            Not my problem you can’t understand the simple intricacies of life that normal people have no problem with.

          11. Bob says:

            I suppose I should feel sorry for you for being Uneducated. Now, if I was a Republicon, I would just say, “tough pal, your on your own.” That’s what Republicons do, skippy!!

          12. otoman says:

            Better uneducated than to lack simple basic wisdom as liberals do. In the Obama era that education couldn’t get a person a job and they weren’t smart enough to survive without govt handouts or living with mommy and daddy.

          13. Bob says:

            Gee, couldn’t the United States and the United Nations (UN) verify YOUR CLAIM!! Hmmmmmm!!

      2. Bob says:

        So now, according to you, liberals don’t believe in God. Do you, dweeb, have any idea how COMPLETELY STUPID YOU SOUND making such CRAZY REMARKS? Your ignorance knows no bounds, skippy. But keep denying and diverting – meanwhile, the noose gets tighter and tighter. Can you feel it, skippy? I’m sure Chump and his minions CAN!!!

    3. keedon says:

      WOW a 20 year old recording of Trump saying he would like to have grabbed her PU*SY is all you have and you are still going off the deep end. You gullible morons are melting down. A sitting Prez, Bill Sinton, a Demwit if ever there was one was impeached. His cum stain was on Monica’s dress, the real smoking gun, and you attack Trump?

      1. Bob says:

        So you’re a pervert lover, right keeless! If you were a pervert a few years ago, YOU ARE STILL A PERVERT, skippy. Good old Chump would treat your mother, wife or daughter the same today. Does that make you feel good about yourself, Pervert Lover. Face it LOSER, you’re riding a dead horse, who is also a 5 time Draft-Dodger, along with Cheney!!!

        1. keedon says:

          Your stupid babbling just makes you look more and more insignificant on this page. You only dodge the draft once just like Sinton did when his father pulled strings in Arkansas government and got him out of the country to go to college in England. So I guess my wife of 34+ years has been living with a pervert? I have always felt good about myself, it is called selfestime. I have been supremely confident in myself all my life. I have lived in Israel, England and South Africa. What have you done proctologist delight? Are you married? Have you paid off your house?

          1. Bob says:

            Well bunky, you tell me – has your wife been living with a Pervert for 34 years? Only you and she can answer that, skippy! ” If you can only dod the draft once, why did Chump and Cheney have to have 5 (FIVE) deferments? Now lets see those Crooked Tax Returns so the noose will continue to get tighter and tighter!!!

          2. Bob says:

            Sorry Chump, I’ve found clowns who try bragging about themselves generally don’t have a pot to piss in. With you supposedly living in all those Countries, were you on the run from the law, skippy???

        2. otoman says:

          “Pervert lover”???? Tell me, is it not liberals that promote gay marriage, the murder of unborn babies, and try their best to make child molestors the victim rather than the child? YEP! Now, what is so perverted about a man wanting a woman?????

          1. Bob says:

            Too bad, Mr. Uneducated, the head Pervert Molestor lives in the White House. Even his wife is shying away from him. Don’t you wish you had some agenda or policy items you could discuss, something like Taxes, Health Care, Infrastructure or Education. Instead you’re stuck defending a Tax Evader, Pervert!

          2. Bob says:

            I can’t recall any liberal saying he gets his jollies off by “groping and grabbing.” Only one Orange Head I ever heard say that. Speaking of molestors calling himself the victim, how’s your Putin Puppet doing. As long as he can keep buying the women off to keep quiet, he’ll be alright. Maybe he’ll start up a University for Perverts and Tax Evaders!!!

          3. otoman says:

            NOPE! You just have Anthony Weiner who was indicted as a sex offender. You have the KKK which was started by democrats. And you have Bill Clinton which has had multiple times more women coming forward than Trump has. Then there is the collusion of Obama and Killary giving America’s uranium to Russia. Such the perfect party. Then let’s talk about Hillary and Pizzagate. Need I go on??? You liberals are so well protected because you don’t have the intelligence to use google and find out truth. Liberalism is a disease that turns truth into lies and lies into truth. The sad part is, those that partake in liberalism love the lies they live so much that they couldn’t care less about seeking truth. LOL! Pathetic!

          4. Bob says:

            I really enjoy watching you make a complete fool of yourself when you comment. Uranium – Pizzagate. You’re always talking about google, but obviously you don’t use it. Google makes YOUR LIES very clear about the Uranium dead and Pizza Gate. Let’s just refer to you and your stupidity as PIZZAHEAD, ok, skippy!!!!

          5. otoman says:

            Not my fault you are so naive that you read and understand only the excuses given by liberal media, from those “unknown sources”. WHY is the liberal party fighting so hard against a constitutionally elected president? It’s certainly not for America. Eight years of Obama shows their policies are not good for America. And the republicans that supported funding are just as much to blame. Tell me, why are retail sales at there lowest per capita, probably in the entire history of America, with the exception of wartime? You don;t hear that on main stream media. Simply do the math. Or start listening to economist’s that are not tied to the govt! Tell me, do you have your $56,000 dollars for each person in your family to cover the national debt? Which Obama doubled and it didn’t help the economy one bit. Why? Cause it all went to his banker buddies, his muslim friends. At least Trump sold guns to the Saudi’s. Obama just gave guns and money to the muslim brotherhood,and the mexican drug cartel, and to syria. Without congressional approval. Here, from Money. http://time.com/money/3919690/americans-total-net-worth-record/. As said, the rich got richer under Obama, and the middle class got poorer. LOL! WOW! Do you live in a cloud! Or maybe a box, with your strings attached and pulled by your beloved democrat party while they laugh all the way to the bank!

          6. Bob says:

            Why did the KKK fully endorse Chump and Chump completely endorses the KKK, brain dead?? As usual, you’re riding a dead horse again, skippy!!!

          7. otoman says:

            You should be familiar with reverse psychology. Liberals are the victims of such efforts. The KKK being far majority dems issues an endorsement because they know true conservatives hate racism. BUT the rejection did not come because conservatives are to intelligent. The same game Comey and Hillary played. Hillary knew she was losing, she thought a last and final reprieve would give her the boost she needed. It didn’t work! And Comey got the blame! LOL! Another typical dumb liberal that can’t see beyond the end of his nose. Liberals are not intelligent enough see facts very quickly, or deduce when they are going to get stabbed in the back. Recent history shows that. YOU TELL ME; WHY is it intelligent to want government to control your life thru welfare programs? IT’S NOT! WHY is it intelligent to allow govt to control your life in any facet? YET, that is what liberals strive for. SOCIALISM IS JUST THAT! Tell me, WHEN have you ever worked for a poor man? YET, liberals hate the wealthy, unless it is wealthy people like Obama and Hillary that pretend to be all out for you! How is the war on poverty going? Liberals have controlled all 3 branches and STILL nothing happened! Except the poor got poorer, as they did under Obama, and the rich got richer, all the while college kids couldn’t get a job in their field. YOU CAN’T LIE about the fact that the republicans gave Obama almost EVERYTHING he wanted! America has the lowest number of people per capita in the work force in 50 years! Healthcare premiums at there highest in history, with poorer benefits, and poorer medical care. And the republican House gave Obama ALL THE FUNDING HE WANTED! Look this up, and I am not claiming a direct quote, but very close. Lyndon B Johnson, DEMOCRAT. ” Give me what I want and I will have these “Nig***ers eating out of my hands for a long time to come”. AND THEY HAVE, all for the sake of a free govt handout while being suppressed by the very same people who PROMOTE giving them freebies rather than jobs! DEMOCRATS! Google “Black Sphere, Kevin Jackson”. Blacks are waking up to the slavery they have been living under the democratic party. It’s a dirty rotten shame that young people with an education believe that education makes them intelligent. They have been made puppets of violence and anger for the liberal party. OPEN YOUR EYES! But for some reason I don’t think your going to do that. I hope so for your sake and your family. The liberal elite are out in full force and most liberals are just willing to go along because it’s the easy way. THAT is the teaching of the liberal party. Life should be easy for you, even if others are putting forth the hard work to make your life easy. The problem is, if they truly believed that, there would be no millionaire liberals. They would be giving it away until they were on your level. Do some math for yourself. Liberals buy the lie, let’s just make the wealthy pay their fair share. Are YOU aware that if the IRS taxed every millionaire/billionaire at 100 PERCENT of their income it would not cover the deficit??? Let alone start paying down the debt! Liberals say of most millionaires “Well they didn’t work for it, it came from their daddy”! SO WHAT??? YOU didn’t either! Their parents didn’t even raise you. WHY DO YOU DESERVE IT? Even a dime of it??? Isn’t 35% compared to your 10% fair??? Not to a liberal. “It’s not fair, he has more than me.” TOUGH! YOU start you own business and YOU take the risk of losing everything to start YOUR dream. IT’S NOT MY DREAM TO SUPPORT THE LIVES OF OTHERS WHO REFUSE TO SACRIFICE AND BETTER THEMSELVES THRU RISK, TO GAIN THE REWARD. Get a life and stop blaming others for your pathetic life.

          8. Philomena says:

            Why did Democrat Hillary Clinton praise KKK member Sen. Robert Byrd?

            Flashback: Hillary Clinton Praised Former KKK Member Sen …
            … Hillary Clinton Praised Former KKK Member Sen. Robert … Sen. Robert Byrd Not Only Was A KKK Member But Led … Hillary Clinton, Ku Klux Klan, Robert …
            Hillary Clinton Remembers ‘Friend and Mentor’ Robert Byrd …
            … from Hillary Clinton, with whom he had a personal friendship–the late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd endorsed … Remembers ‘Friend and Mentor’ Robert Byrd.
            Videos for Hillary Clinton and Sen Robert Byrd a KKK member

          9. Bob says:

            Flashback: You forgot to answer my question. Stay focused, Queenie, stay focused. If you don’t want to answer, just say, “I not going to answer.”

          10. Bob says:

            Why, why, why!! You’re full of questions, Queenie, but never any answers. Time for you to put up or shut up, Queenie!!!

          11. Philomena says:

            Liberals are dangerous to the human race

          12. Bob says:

            You just can’t seem to come up with any answers, can you, Queenie. Oh well, not surprised!!!

          13. Philomena says:

            Answering Liberals is a waste of time. Au Revoir, Adiós

          14. otoman says:

            Bob doesn’t understand truth. He’s a liberal. Truth is beyond the capabilities of a liberal.

          15. otoman says:

            Actions are louder than words, Mr. Weiner lover! And he likes little boys too. Bet you’re one of them.

          16. Bob says:

            You forgot to address the Pervert’s comments about enjoying his groping and grabbing, skippy!!!

          17. otoman says:

            Didn’t forget. I just ignore things that happened decades ago and give people the benefit of the doubt when they have shown change in their life. Are you enjoying your Wiener? No changes there!

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    I stand with Israel. G-D will bless those people who bless his people.

  • Oldawg70 says:

    Praise The LORD! There is hope for us yet… One Nation Under GOD…no compromise!

  • dennis w says:




    …………..WHAT GREATER LOVE…………….



  • Chris says:

    What a great tribute our President just made! The Israeli people now know they have an ally in America not an anti-Semite as president. The feckless one did more damage in the Middle East than ever could have been imagined. He is a racist and a Muslim communist radical. President Trump has accomplished more than we ever expected, and has mended more fences in only a few months than we could have asked for. A true leader finally in the White House. He’s leading through strength and diplomacy, the democrats and their partners in treason, the liberal left wing lame stream media said he had no foreign policy experience. But so far he has shown the world we are a force to be reckoned with and a nation determined to obliterate radical Islamic terrorists. While bringing peace to the world. He deserves high praise, but the obstructionist democrats and liberal media only seeks to tear him down at the expense of your safety and peace of mind. We have the power! Vote the obstructionist democrats out of office and give our President what he needs, a super majority into the Senate and 30-40 more seats in the House. If he doesn’t get it done we can fire him in 2020. But we have to give him the chance to get it done!!

    1. elmcqueen3 says:

      Good read…Thanks.

      1. Chris says:

        No, thank you.

      2. Emmarjohnson says:

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    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Nailed that my friend, great job!!

      1. Chris says:

        Thank you.

  • Luke says:

    God is great and has given us a second chance with Trump, we must support him everyday against the hordes of liberals who hate anything Godly..

    1. dennis w says:


  • rewindpulaski says:

    This has just got to P.O. the humanist and secularist press and dems and leftists something awful… Wow! A President praying at the Western Wall.. A man who knows he cannot do all alone.. He bows, but he bows before G_d

    1. Chris says:

      It’s okay to say God! After all, he’s the creator and gave his only begotten son so we could be forgiven of our sins, and have life everlasting in the kingdom of our lord. The Bible is the only writings to stay relevant longer than our Constitution, 2000 years old and still relevant, amazing, some might call it a miracle…

      1. rewindpulaski says:

        I know it’s “OK” to say “GOD”… However, in many faiths, “God” is so sacred (and we are so unworthy of “God”) that his name is not even mentioned much less written.. In deference to those of the other faiths, I use the accepted by all form “G_d”… It is not used to offend; just the opposite.. It is written this way to show respect for “G_D” and to show R unworthiness of “G_D”

        1. otoman says:

          In the Christian faith our God is also very sacred. Our God is sacred not only because of “who” He is, but because of His unending love for His creation. Contrary to the false teachings of many, the Christian God teaches us to love one another. His greatest command is to first love Him, with the 2nd greatest command being to love one another as we love our self. Though America’s “religion” is Christian, the bible teaches us that being a Christian has nothing to do with where we are born. The foundation of Christianity is having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not where we are born. Jesus, who is God in the flesh, came to earth as a man, through a virgin, so that His blood would be shed once, for all.

          Imagine, God came to earth as a man, to suffer and serve His creation, because of His great love for mankind! Does this sound like a God that would demand and promote violence using His creation to do so? Absolutely NOT! YES, there is violence in the bible, and God ordered many wars. BUT, His purpose was to rid the earth of absolute evil. Please note that I said “absolute” evil. NOT just because someone did not do what He commanded, but because their hearts were completely void of love for others. The bible defines love as this: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7;

          “4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

          You see, my God does not need to use man for His vengeance. Again, please note the word “vengeance”. God was not using man and war, for vengeance. He used man to try and rid the earth of “absolute” evil so man could understand the difference between good and evil. Those that God used man to destroy were completely reprobate. They had no desire at all to live a life of love, of any kind. No man is perfect in his ability to love in a manner that fulfills all of the attributes of love shown above. And God understands that, but when an entire clan of mankind is void of ALL of the attributes of love, and is pure evil, that is when God used man to destroy other men.

          God used man to discipline those who had hope by using those who had hope to destroy pure evil. But God’s vengeance was and always will be His own. Many times in the bible God by His own power, not using man, sowed plagues of all kinds upon some men who were openly and violently rebellious against God Himself. God Himself reaped vengeance against those that challenged Him directly. These evil men knew who they were dealing with, but openly rebelled against the Almighty God. They challenged God directly! WHY would a loving God use man, who He is trying to teach love, to reap vengeance for Himself?

          The confusion is common today. People confuse discipline and punishment, with vengeance. They are not the same. The need for vengeance is a condition of the heart. Though maybe hard to understand, man’s vengeance is usually predicated on evil intent. To get even without the purpose for greater good. God’s vengeance is righteous and His need for vengeance is not based on evil but on good so that the majority of mankind can have a chance to live without evil being a part of our lives. If the intent of man does not purpose the attributes of love shown above, then the reason for vengeance is evil.

          Evil is whatever is contrary to the attributes of love in 1 Corinthians. We punish and discipline our children out of love. NOT because we hate them. When we punish them out of hateful anger, we do them no good. We teach them how to be angry and vengeful. Vengeance that seeks no good, but only fulfills the evil desires of our flesh. Please read the attributes of love over and over. Then, ask yourself if this is what your religion teaches. If not, then you must ask yourself if your god is a god of love, or a god that teaches anger and hate.

          1. rewindpulaski says:

            I WILL NOT allow you to use me and any response I make to YOU to be used as your personal message board. I’m all for discussing your beliefs and the telling of your message to all who will listen BUT PLEASE PRESENT IT IN THE PROPER FORUM NOT HERE!! I’m sure you’re going to disagree w/ me but what you’re doing here is doing more harm than good. What do I mean by that? Your “beating of the Christian message” on this board is more than likely driving away far more people than drawing them in..

          2. otoman says:

            People are driven away because of their own evil desires. Not because of someone speaking the truth. You as well as others have the right to simply not read anything posted. But liberal theology demands that anything that upsets them be removed, as they have an equal right to just ignore. Liberals are clearly two faced people that believe they have the right to speak what they please but someone else does not when their speak is contrary to a liberals belief or desire. Just more truth that you have a right not to ignore!

  • regulus30 says:

    STAY STRONG my fellow adult conservatives ;; the liberal fascist “snowflakes” ARE MELTING.

    1. Retired says:

      Not fast enough for most people .

    2. keedon says:

      Not just adult conservatives but conservatives of all ages. Our youth are our future.

      1. regulus30 says:


  • Askjrsk says:

    To God be the glory. Humbled before the Lord with a Gods help MAGA

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