Trump mocks Jeb, Rubio on their home turf in Florida

October 25, 2015

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday mocked fellow contenders Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) at a rally in their home state of Florida.

Trump teased Bush, a former Florida governor, for his recent decision to lay off campaign staff and cut salaries by 40 percent, and for his planned retreat with donors in Texas on Sunday.

“Bush has no money, he’s meeting today with mommy and daddy, and they’re working on his campaign,” Trump said at the rally in downtown Jacksonville, Fla.
“He’s a guy wants to run our country and he can’t even run his own campaign. Think of it,” he added.

The billionaire business mogul also tried to draw a contrast between Bush’s campaign and his, saying he has fewer campaign staff and has spent the least money of all the candidates so far.

“You have all these people, what do you need these people for?” he said. “I put up less money than everyone else, and I’m number one.”

  • disqus_tKlEuAw2uq

    It’s the Primaries, stupid!

    Establishment Republicans who have rushed headlong to support Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House might want to consider exactly what the environment for their primary election will be, come February, March and April when Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz – who between them now hold about 70% of the Republican primary vote – are knocking on doors and are running millions of dollars of TV against the very policies that Ryan has advocated.

    It will be a toxic environment for the reelection of any Member of Congress who can be labeled an establishment Republican, and for many who have relatively conservative voting records, but who have failed to fight for conservative principles.

    And with good reason the vote for Speaker will be seen by many grassroots limited government constitutional conservatives as a key litmus test as to whether or not a Republican Member of Congress is for conservative government, or has joined the establishment.

    Based on his long-espoused support for amnesty for illegal aliens, expanded guest worker visas, Obamatrade and a host of crony government deals, the election of Paul Ryan as Speaker is likely to stoke, rather than assuage, the white-hot conservative anger bubbling at the grassroots of the Republican Party that has already begun to generate primary challenges for establishment Republicans who have voting records mirroring Paul Ryan’s.

    A dozen or so principled limited government constitutional conservatives have already filed or are actively exploring congressional primaries; Becky Gerritson in Alabama-2 (against incumbent Martha Roby), Frank Roche and Jim Duncan in NC-2 (against incumbent Renee Ellmers) and Russell Ramsland in TX-32 (against incumbent Pete Sessions) to name but a few.

    Congressional districts are such that few are competitive in the November election.

    So, more than a Democratic opponent, what establishment Republican Members of Congress fear is a primary challenge from a limited government constitutional conservative – especially after Dave Brat defeated establishment Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the 2014 Virginia Republican Primary.

  • Jeb and Rubio are both as worthless as tits on a boar hog! Only three worth looking at, Trump, Carson, and Cruz! I am a Trump fan, but would be happy with either of the other two. But we certainly do not need another Dynasty Bush or Clinton, god forbid Clinton ever holds another public office! She and Obama both proved, beyond a doubt, that neither were ready for that 3am phone call that Hillary made such a fuss about in 2008! Both failed horribly and the filth needs to be kicked to the curb! TRUMP 2016!

    • Booklady

      I agree with you …..on Clinton….for sure!…I’m just hoping CHELSEA doesn’t have serious political ambitions!!

      • Lol, I think Chelsea would be laughed out of politics if she considered it. Only reason she is still relevant is because of her mama and daddy.

  • Jerry

    4lifeandfreedom, have you given any thought that maybe the Evangelicals are concern about their country. The are not electing a pope, they are electing a President who has what it takes to make this country great again. With Trump most likely there will be fewer Muslim in this country to behead the Evangelicals. You don’t seem to realize that we are at war. A religious war. If the Muslins win there will only be one religions all other will be dead.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    Why do people continue to listen to Donald Duck Quack Quack Trump?
    It is outrageous that evangelicals would even consider him as a candidate, knowing that the casino industry he is a major part of is what they are preaching against–or maybe they do not these days! It is possible that he is the candidate really boosting his friend Hillary!

    • Obwon One

      well said hilliary

    • don

      I guess your a jeb fan or worse a amnesty king lover rubio


      Maybe because Mr. Trump is a MAN, and a milquetoast Jebbie bush is a douch3…

    • TROLL! Go crawl back in your bucket of putrid vomit!


      Since we have this Freedom of Speech thingy around here, then you, Sir have certainly the right to say whatever you wish, O.K.?

      Conversely, We, the People have also a right to listen to anything, or anyone we would prefer, and not to be bothered by anyone who is of a different belief, therefore disagrees, disparages and disapproves of what or who is being listen to.

      Speech and hearing are but a two ‘sine qua non’ components of and in the process of a cogent communication.

      Any infringement on what one is allowed to hear, or listen to, is just as grave & egregious violation of the 1st Amendment rights as denying
      one their Constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech and/or

      Now, you have had your opportunity to show us, just how very limiting and oppressive mindset you possess, Sir. Since I do not share your point of view, I respectfully decline to even consider your counsel on this, or frankly, any other issues.

      Sadly, and with all due respect, [which is not a whole lot of it, but I digress], this shall conclude this communication, as I am wholly disinclined to continue any further communication with a control freak, like yourself, willing and more than ready to abrogate my and my fellow Citizens 1st Amendment rights.

      Good day, Sir.

      • 4lifeandfreedom

        Did not ask why Trump continues to exercise his right to speak, only “why are people still listening to him?” Legitimate question!

        • FIREBRED



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