Trump on ’90s suicide of top Clinton aide: ‘Very fishy’

May 24, 2016

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has doubts about the official version of events surrounding in the 1993 suicide of a top aide to President Bill Clinton.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post, Trump called the circumstances of Vincent Foster’s death “very fishy.”

“He had intimate knowledge of what was going on,” Trump said of Foster’s relationship with the Clintons. “He knew everything that was going on and then all of a sudden he committed suicide.”

  • lindajoyadams

    In many ways. Trump “is one of us” and things that have gone on at the highest levels that have never made “common sense” with the info we have been allowed to know means he is saying what most have said or thought over the years. Now , as President Trump can or will he ‘find out the whole truth and let us all know . And if the legal system needs to be involved in some kind of investigation or prosecution, will he ask our Attorney General to do what is needed to be done for the sake of justice?. I JUST GOT CALLED A “TRUMPER” TODAY BECAUSE I WAS AFTER JUSTICE FOR THREE DEAD IN 3/61 IN TOPEKA KS WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN CLOSED NOR JUSTICE FOR THE DEAD; ONE OF WHICH WAS THE LYNCHING OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S OWN DAD in the racist attack that was to have lynched his mother pregnant with him back in Topeka Ks and why his grandmother did not want him ever to know the truth.
    . AND THE ONE CALLING ME THAT? NAN. Rev Al Sharpton’s group. I was merely asking for advice as to how best to proceed to get the murder cases opened for some kind of closure as I also had an attempt on my life over the matter. back then also. a miracle saved me. The ones who say they want justice, laugh and say those who wish it support Trump and I had not even mentioned anything about the election at all. And those who think Trump is not concerned about justice issues? may find out he is concerned as justice denied one denies it to all of us. I got no answers today from them. at all. Just ridicule for general info as to what to do is all I was asking for. as it was a hate crime.

  • SmithWinston6478

    “He who is void of virtuous attachments in private life, is, or very soon will be void of all regard for his country. There is seldom an instance of a man guilty of betraying his country, who had not before lost the feeling of moral obligations in his private connections.” ~ Sam Adams

  • Lorraine E

    Watch “Clintons death toll documentary” on line. Then read “Ron Brown’s Body” by Jack Cashill. Learn how both hillary and bill treat bill’s girlfriends in “Clintons War on Women.” The clintons are very bad people and they may be back in the rainbow house for another 8 years, if our country lasts that long. hillary belongs to the CFR, the trilateral commission, the illuminati, and the Bilderberg group and these organizations select all heads of state world wide. Bernie Sanders has won elections in many states and hillary always receives the most delegates. So no matter who the people want, hillary wins. hillary Benghazi clinton has the electoral votes of all of the states which are democratic and with our corrupt voting process purchasing the additional electoral votes to return to the rainbow house is no problem for hillary and her comrade george soros.

    • plum82

      A vote for the scum billary is a vote for the downfall of America…………

  • Robert Brumley

    One of the biggest cover up crimes of the century. No proof that he committed suicide except it looked like it. The guy was not suicidal and had no mental problems, but the fact is he knew to much.

  • Robert Wilson

    And the clintons have the gall to run AGAIN.

    • plum82

      AND the morons WILL vote for the POS scum crook dirt bag……..hey Robert, they have NO shame, NO morals, only greed !!!!!!!!!

  • al003

    The Wall Street Journal wrote several books about the Clintons as the scandals progressed… At one time I had all of them but over time and lending them out, they disappeared.
    When Bubba arrived at the White House and he put Web Hubble in charge of the AG office — he, Web, found multiple corruption charges waiting for Bubba. These charges were filed in Arkansas by the sitting U.S. Attorney under President G.H.W. Bush. This was ‘day one of Bubba’…Hubble was the acting AG and Vince Foster was the Presidents Attorney… Hubble sent the nine indictments back to the Central Clearing Office in Kansas City for re-investigation… Then Bubba fired all sitting U.S. Attorneys all 96 of them… Everyone thought that he fired all of the U.S. Attorneys to save Rostenkowski’s butt — but Rosty had nothing to do with it — Clinton was in deep trouble for dealings in Arkansas as Governor.. Now Vince Foster started doctoring the books of Arkansas in an attempt to save is childhood friend from the federal penn.
    Now the Clintons decided to frame the Executive Travel Office as a corrupt enterprise and put their Arkansas buddies in charge and for the next year this scandal along with the sexual shannigans of Clinton took the stage.
    In one year Vince Foster could see the handwriting on the wall and when the nine indictments arrived back at the AGs office, Vince Foster decided to quit the White House and go back to Arkansas.
    He gave Bubba his resignation and he and his family went to the Delaware Shore for the weekend… Web Hubble went to see him there to see if he would change his mind – the answer was NO… A fatal mistake… Bubba and the family made immediate plans to go to Hawaii for the week… And Vince Foster was found dead in Marcy Park while the Clintons were in Hawaii — And all of the legal records from Arkansas disappeared from his office and they never were found until after the Statute of Limitation expired seven years later… Then, like a miracle, they one morning were discovered setting on a table in the White House Residence…
    Ahhh, Miracles do happen… Don’t scoff – this is a true story….. And this is the first year of ‘Bubba and Hillary come to Washington’.

    • plum82

      ABSO fucking LUTELY !!!!!!!!! Clintons= crooks, liars, POS, dirt bags, thieves, scum bags AND those are their GOOD qualities………..

  • Dr. G

    Ah yes, Vince Foster. Found dead up a muddy path with no mud or debris on the bottom of his shoes. He was covered in carpet fibers, fibers that matched those from the pile behind the White House where there was a redecoration under way. The investigation was left with the Park Service. The Park Service!?! They HAD no homicide team! Yeah, Vince Foster committed suicide with no powder residue on his hands or clothes. Yeah, fishy isn’t the word.

  • Betty Roper

    These folks are are crazy as hell….all trump has to do is bring up some bullshit and all his supporters run away with it like it’s candy. Who’s running for President Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton?? Who is more dangerous TRUMP !!

    • stickichild

      Oh please Betty boop , the media has run away with your sense…

      • plum82

        She must be a dumbocrat………..

  • Kanawah

    After reading over the post here, all I can say is put up your left hand because the elephant crap is too deep to save anything but the wrist watches.

  • Kanawah

    you could also say Trump’s bankruptcies are “very fishy”.
    You could also use Trump’s comments about sleeping with a girl like his daughter as “very fishy”

    Any way you look at it, trump is not qualified to be president, or any other elected official.

    • stickichild

      Shut up you obumhole voter

      • plum82

        Plus most likely a crooked POS billary voter………

  • Robert M Stach Sr


  • J.B. Young

    The story they made up about where Foster’s body was found and how he shot himself was not even believable.

  • Climax

    Vince Foster shot himself twice and both bullets were fatal. One small caliber bullet went through his neck and the larger one entered the back of his head. Neither gun was found nor any blood or human tissue from his body. Fish??? NO I would say based on the actual fact he had the goods on the Clintons he probably was “fired” by the Clinton HIt Man on staff.

    • Janthony132

      And nothing reported until Hillary had a chance to clean out his office???

      • ABO

        Actually, it was Bubba that showed up at Foster’s office only minutes after Foster “committed suicide” saying he wanted to take Foster’s personal things to give to the family, then left with nothing but all Whitewater related files.

        • al003

          Not true… Bubba was in Seattle meeting with Jim Guy Tucker when Fosters body was found in Marcy Park. Hillary and Chelsea were still in Hawaii.

          • ABO

            Funny, I listened to a report to the effect that I described on the local radio station in my car at the time the story was being reported nationally and they said it came to them from AP. Where’d you get your version?

          • al003

            WSJ… The same group who wrote the books on the Clinton ongoing scams…

          • ABO

            OK i’ll take your word. Thanks.

    • 7papa7

      There is a far better chance that obama is a conservative Christian than Vince Foster committed suicide. It flat didn’t happen, he was murdered by the Clintons and of course like usual nothing happened.

    • plum82

      ABSOLUTELY ~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Several people have died mysteriously that had dealings with the Clintons over the years.

    • jemb

      I too thought there was something suspecious about Foster’s untimely death. I personally do NOT believe it was a suicide.

      • plum82

        I’ve believed he was murdered for a long time… .beats me how someone can shoot himself (dead) and then throw the gun away !!!!!!!!!!

    • al003

      Several — try 72…. Yes that is the figure…. I am 79 and I have never had one of my close friends die under any kind of unusual circumstances….

  • CharlieSeattle

    Irrelevant smoke and mirrors Trump!

    Stick to the fukin issues and release your “ZERO TAXES” paid income tax returns.

    • Athanasios1

      Very relevant facts to the dishonesty of Hitlary. Lesbian old whore should never win the Presidency. Her and her rapist husband should receive the same service from the citizens of the USA as the Mussolini’s received from Italian citizens. As far as Trumps’ taxes; he will owe more than you after the pro-leftist IRS gets through with him. Call the IRS ans tell them to hurry.

      • CharlieSeattle

        SiLLy MoRoNiC RAnT!

        • Athanasios1

          As spoken by the silly moronic runt (CharlieSeattle). The first and foremost microcephalyitic liberal authority on the Clintons.

        • stickichild

          Gawd your a broken record old charlie

    • peter

      These ARE the issues Bozo! There is a trail of blood that follows the Clinton’s! Too many,way too many who were part of the Clinton hierarchy,too many who knew too much,too many dead as in White Water,too many scandals,a history of scandal after scandal,supposedly “bankrupt” when leaving the White House worth reportedly $150 million now!

      Stick to the FACTS Bozo? These are the Facts,a bankrupt,corrupt,dependent America is a Fact! All three branches complicit in Tyranny is a Fact!

      “If it looks like a Duck,walks like a Duck,Quacks like a Duck”
      You have a Filthy mouth and are abusive Bozo. No way to go through life! Of course it matters who runs this country fool! America as it was born no longer exists and fools like you are the reason!

      • CharlieSeattle

        Silly irrelevant rant.

        • peter


        • stickichild

          CHARLIE your a fool !! Where were you when obumhole wouldn’t release his birth certificate and sealed his school records ????

          • CharlieSeattle

            Irrelevant. The article is about Trump’s deception.

          • 1947goldenjet

            The article had nothing to do with any deception by Trump. It had to do with the somewhat mysterious “suicide” of Vin Foster. Maybe you meant to post to a different article?

          • plum82

            Learn how to spell dip wad !!!!!!!!!!

    • Climax

      Why don’t you stick to the fukin issues and look at your candidate with some open eyes and ears. All this smoke and mirrors you talk about only shows there is a fire someplace and deception in others.


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