Trump won’t commit to accepting election results

by  |  published on October 20, 2016

DebateDonald Trump would not commit Wednesday night to accepting the results of the presidential election if he loses on Nov. 8, in a striking moment during his final debate with Hillary Clinton that underscored the deepening tensions in the race – as the bitter rivals defined the choice for voters on an array of issues not three weeks from Election Day.

The debate in Las Vegas, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, started with a measured discussion on policy disputes ranging from gun rights to abortion to immigration. But it ended with the candidates hurling a grab-bag of accusations and insults at each other.

Trump called Clinton a “nasty woman.” Clinton called Trump the “most dangerous” person to run for president in modern history.

The most pointed moment came when Trump – who for weeks has warned of a “rigged” election – was asked whether he will commit to accept the results of the election.

  • The Redhawk

    YAH the Headline :” TRUMP won’t accept losing” once more that is NOT what he said! But last night the LOSERS are the Divided American PEOPLE since Major Issues were Never Fully Discussed and therefore NO real solid plans were put to the VOTE! Hillary was so scripted that she missed the Questions and Trump was so focused on Jabs that he missed delivering a kNOCK OUT when she exposed her CHIN….We are Divided, will remain Divided and Things will Gert WORSE for the MIDDLE CLASS…and POLITICS as Usual shall continue to accelerate the DECLINE of America…..Unless Voters WAKE UP!

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