Video Reportedly Taken After Fatal Shooting of LaVoy Finicum During Oregon Standoff Sparks Shocking Allegations of FBI Cover-Up

March 17, 2016

New details and surveillance video are fueling speculation surrounding whether agents with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team opened fire on Robert “LaVoy” Finicum — one of the anti-government activists involved in the Oregon stand-off — and then waged a cover-up following the deadly Jan. 26 clash.

The FBI agents involved in the incident, during which Finicum, 54, was shot dead by two Oregon state troopers, initially denied that they fired their weapons after Finicum’s vehicle crashed at a roadblock, though an investigation by officials later determined that two shots were fired by agents on the scene.

An Oregon State Police officer also told investigators that he observed two copper-colored rifle casings at the location. This is potentially a significant development, as the Hostage Rescue Team reportedly uses copper-colored casings, while Oregon state police, instead, use silver-colored casings, the Washington Post reported.

While copper casings weren’t recovered at the scene, FBI surveillance video reportedly shows agents searching the area after the shooting with flashlights; one of those agents is then seemingly seen bending over and picking something up twice near the area where the shots were believed to be fired, leading to speculation of a cover-up.

Cell phone video captured from inside Finicum’s vehicle includes what sounds like shots being fired, as individuals in the car audibly proclaim, “They’re shooting,” around the 5:30 mark; it is unclear if shots are actually being fired (caution: graphic):

  • Benjamin Michel

    They are quick to shoot and to lie. That is not are way

  • daveveselenak

    It was murder, pure and simple as that! This is how the communist regime that we have operates and that is why: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  • Smitch

    Executed in COLD BLOOD! Based on results!

  • Old Vet

    I am former law enforcement and I spoke recently with an officer in my area about this. He said they set up an illegal block to stop them. He explained that it is not standard procedure to goad an attack by jumping in front of a vehicle, which he said one of the officers did in this case. I hadn’t seen the video of what he was talking about but I did watch this one. Clearly something is not kosher here. I suspect the late night search was to “tidy up the scene”, regrettably. Sadly, I feel as though law enforcement has lost it’s way in America and for that many will suffer.

  • disqus_tpc8waQI76

    With the Clintons back room deal and Harry Reid the front man for these land sales by the Bundy ranch they need to silance these people let alone make a point to them shut up or die .this if can be proven should not be allowed to stand as so called justice. The FBI cred a river when there office was blown up wich was a bad choice by the bomber due to the day care center which really pissed off folks but remember this is how they all work the keep in cents close by so it look bad when their is retaliation which it was for Waco is the scuttle butt food for thought no

  • T.W.

    Out of control government.

  • Larry J. Overfield

    This is a visual reminder of what may be ahead of us if we stand beside our founding fathers who in the Declaration of Independence proclaimed; “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

  • William McDougald

    Don’t hear anything about it on CNN, now if Lavoy had been black…….

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Question was Finicum murdered?

    • Retired Marine


    • There is no doubt. The cell phone video recorded in Finicum’s vehicle shows the impact of several shots being fired into the vehicle and none being returned by the occupants of the vehicle. LaVoy exited the vehicle and was murdered.

      • podunk1

        Ever try to walk in deep snow slipping and sliding in warm shoes with hands up??? An old man NOT BRANDISHING A LETHAL WEAPON slipping and stumbling in deep snow was gunned down by idiots led to believe he was another Osama Bin Laden… by Obama’s special forces terrorist rescue team. Finicum, a man who harmed no one was labeled an “extremist” the same code “official” word now used to describe muslim terrorists and ISIS!

        The 5th “No person shall be held to answer for capital, or infamous crimes unless indicted by grand jury…” doesn’t include waging war against citizens engaged in peacefully defending themselves and the Constitution against insurrection, rebellion, and treason by government officials who are very obviously overthrowing the Constitution!

        Finicum murder The video
        Video shows two camera angles of LaVoy Finicum shooting – YouTube

  • Devasahayam

    Simple — Fibbies were ordered by Lynchmob to coverup that they “encountered” Finicum!

  • Myrtle Linder

    It is time for the dirt produced by the FBI, in this case, to come out.

  • dennis w


  • ADRoberts

    These are good brown shirts. They will obey orders, no matter how illegal, how immoral, how unethical. They are NOT patriots who defend the constitution. They are peons who obey their masters in order to keep their precious paychecks.

    • Smitch

      Careful…they will get the Oregon State Troopers to shoot you in the back!

      • ADRoberts

        When you die in Christ Jesus, you get to go and be with Him. John 14:1-3

    • snowyriver

      with a thirst for blood

    • bobjonestwo

      You forgot cowards. They are gutless cowards. Evil POS.


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