Wasserman Schultz fights to keep her job

May 26, 2016

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) is fighting to stay on as head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) amid a roiling debate within her party about whether she should step aside before the Democratic National Convention in July.

Wasserman Schultz’s future as DNC chairwoman was called into question late Tuesday after The Hill reported that senators have privately discussed whether she should resign. Some argue such a move could mollify supporters of Bernie Sanders after a bitter primary fight against Hillary Clinton.

The issue reverberated across the Capitol on Wednesday, as Democrats in the House and Senate were bombarded with questions about whether a change in leadership is needed.

Perhaps the strongest show of support for Wasserman Schultz came in the House, where leading Democrats rushed to her defense.

  • Rob1911a1

    Here is another anti-American POS who needs a 230 45ACP injection in the head. Filthy scum, just like DUMBOEARS and Zuckerberg. (Go ahead, track my posts; prove my point).

  • Dandy

    Once again proof positive that the democraps are so far from reality. That there poop has no smell. Which leads normal people to believe they couldn’t detect poop if they were standing in it. Why else would you have to flagrant liers leading their party


    Of course she is, she wants to continue getting all that easy cash blind siding everyone to get HILLARY into office.

  • ConsGram

    Problem is there is a lot of people who buy into the Dumocrats and their lies.

  • sox83cubs84

    I have never seen a Socialist Democrat politician as easy for conservative interviewers to make look stupid as Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz. It amazes me that she still goes on Fox News because Megyn, Sean and the other always make her look like a blithering idiot.

  • parthenon1

    She has been a case study of Hillary. . . both are foul mouthed willing to do anything especially illegal acts to gain and hold power. both are known for mistreatment of others and doing it almost for fun, both are super obnoxious and should be retired to a cave in the mountains to keep them away from honest people.

  • nokabosh

    She’s the poster girl for the left wing mob.

  • grama18

    Dump the B ( oops! ) Witch

  • MoonBeamWatcher

    This condescending arrogant woman is a TRUE and GENUINE
    face for the NEW Democratic Party! Not my daddy’s DNC for sure!

    • Janet

      The Democratic ticket has given to Hillary. I do not think this Super Delegate idea is fair to the people running for an office. There wasn’t a doubt Hillary was winning no matter how bad her reputation, honesty, job performance as Secretary of State etc. It is sad. It used to be you chose the best candidate who would do the best for the American people. You picked your party and voted. Now it is about stuff and spending on the Democratic Party side. The US is 20 trillion and rising. Not good for you, your children, grand children Their bill and ours is $60,000.00 each owed on the national debt before any other expenses and college debt. Something to think about making all of Congress pass a balancing budget 2016. .The people need to take control, pay attention to how all political candidates vote. Your Constitution and Bill of Rights depends on your diligence for its preservation.

      • MoonBeamWatcher

        I’m sorry that you call the Constitution and Bill of Rights
        “YOUR”. Guess your either Canadian or English.

        • Janet

          The government is supposed to be of the people by the people and of the people. Keeping the Republic and its freedom documents is our job to monitor and guide protect and protect when legislators or presidents infringe upon them. That is what I have learned by reading them and history founding this country.

  • This goes to show how much they really care about their own…even though some may try and help her. Backstabbing, liars, money hungry, controlling ,etc. These type attitudes and actions are not the ways of helping others, nor caring for others. The selfishness in Washington is so high, I bet even the angels watch and are shaking their heads in disgust.

  • Wambli525

    DWS is just another left wing socialist democrat that is out of touch with reality. Given the job she has done so far, lets hope she remains where she can do the most damage to Hillary’s efforts. and anyone else that may be substituted should Clinton be indicted.

  • Tomcat01

    She is totally ignorant and may have damaged the Democrat Party into a disaster. She has rigged these primaries as she anointed Hitlery from the beginning. Some of the crap that has come from her mouth has made Uncle Bernie AND Trump seem like geniuses.


    Remember, it’s the GOP that’s imploding, according to the Obama media, LMAO! This could be such a simple problem to solve, all it takes is the spineless, wimpy Jews in her district to vote her out. But that district is so gerrymandered, it’ll take another more articulate, forceful Jew to beat her and Jewish men are usually pussies, beaten into submission by harpies like DWS who they were guilted into marrying. The Jewish men I know who are conservative, usually marry outside their faith and are very happy.

  • justinwachin

    A change in leadership in the Democrat party is needed. This party has left the political mainstream and become a fringe party. It’s hard to believe in an open and honest election season that Hillary Clinton would be the best the party could offer. If fringe candidate Bernie Sanders is able to pull away so many Democrat voters in the primary then the general election may be a bloodbath for Democrats.

  • bobs33hotrod

    BOBBY ~!~

  • bobs33hotrod

    No matter who they Replace Schultz with, Dems, will continue to LIE, CHEAT, AND STEAL, FROM AMERICA CITIZENS, TAXPAYERS.
    BOBBY ~!~.

  • Alan

    She should stay as she is the perfect wanker for today’s socialist demo-RAT party

  • ROB

    What a piece of work. A result of global warming.

  • Maggietish

    Wasserman-Schultz gives another great example of how out of touch the Democratic Party is with the people of the United States. The reality is that the Democrats don’t care about the American people or this nation in there only concerned about their own reelections, special interests, lobbyists, financial backers and partisan politics. Even when they continually jeopardize this Nation and the American people they don’t care. This condescending arrogant woman has rarely answered any specific question nor taken any responsibility regarding the ongojng/consistent betrayal of the Democrats against this Nation and the American people. When the Democrats are caught in their mass of lies Wasserman Schultz tries to play the “spin” game and blame everybody else but she rarely, if ever, answers specific questions nor takes any responsibility. It’s hard to believe that any of her constituents would continue to vote her back in the office. She is just so obnoxious that if she does come on any program, I change the channel immediately. She’s a another prime example of why we need term limits and kick people like her (political
    hacks) out of office. We have to end this era of corrupt career politicians, like Wasserman-Schultz, and we have to do it now. Wake up America we have to take back our country.!


      Newsflash, Mag, the GOP establishment also doesn’t give a f**k about us. That’s how we got Trump.

      • Jonathan

        I’ll tell you why we got Trump. He might be a big gas bag, but he is talking about the things Americans are concerned about, and that is people making a fool of us by running across the southern border, and the other is welcoming people who hate us and our way of life from the middle east. Those two things my friend have the people stirred up. I believe he has a handle on all the money issues too.

      • Front Sight

        We got Trump because the electorate was GOP, crooked media, undocumented migrants, and Demokrats. The Demokrats got Bernie for the equal, however diametrically opposed, reason.
        The establishment, on both sides of the isle, has lied to the American people, hopefully, for the last time.

        • AmericanBelle1

          Their lies are exactly why Trump is the GOP nominee. He connects with the people because he’s one of us, not a politician. The politicians fear him because he doesn’t pay any attention whatsoever to their corruption or political correctness BS. The people have been voting for him, not the politicians. Their hatred of him is the fuel the people exalt over…it drives them more to Trump and further away from establishment politics. I believe that when this general election is over, many, many states are going to redo their election laws, because the people have seen, (because of Trump) that they’ve been lied to, the system is corrupt, and their votes really don’t matter.

          • Rob1911a1

            You hit the nail on the head. Too bad the liberal scum (sorry for the redundancy) just don’t ‘get it’.

      • Abel

        uscbiker – that’s not news. Can you think of twenty people in the entire 3 branches of this administration that gives a f**k about the US citizens? Down with the Establishment Dems and RINOs, UP with Trump, and a old style Conservative Congress ( not the neoconservatives nor the neoliberals)!

      • Rob1911a1

        Let’s see; an honest man, who says what is on his mind rather than what is politically correct, who states clearly what is wrong with America and what needs to be done to correct it, and has made himself a multibillionaire who employs more than TEN THOUSAND Americans, yeah, I guess that make him the bad guy. Man, are you a dumbass or what.

    • The Redhawk

      OH I bet tat a ‘UNDER THE SHEETS” session with Hillary might keep her in her NEW JOB….

    • Janet

      she is an idiot. Need changes on both sides

  • jandjnesbitt@aol.com

    This Libtard should have been gone long ago

  • DrBillLemoine

    Let’s put knowledgeable, active and smart thinking Howard Dean back as DNC chairman. He’s available, did it before and isn’t burdened with neverending quest for reelection to congress as Wasserman Schultz is every year. I’ve seen him on MSNBC as a commentator and he’s sharp, knows national politics, and ran for president. One has only to look at the poor interim election showings of Democrats in 2014 and Sanders complaints of bias in the dual Sanders-Clinton campaigning of this year to see we need change NOW.

    • TeaPartyPatriot

      Do you mean the same howard dean of



      • DrBillLemoine

        The very same Howard Dean. That emoting should never have knocked him out of the running.

        • TeaPartyPatriot

          That’s just what the D’generates need . . . Replace a JennyAss with a JackAss.
          EEEEE HAWWWW.

        • Rodney Steward

          LOL, EEEEE HAWWWWW LOL, the Dem party is full of LOSERS!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which bathroom have you decided to use! EEEEE HAWWWW.

  • Gregg Jensen

    The wheels are falling off the Dem clown kar. Come out with your hands up and we won’t shoot.

    • The Redhawk

      SPOT ON

  • TeaPartyPatriot


    Vote in November.

    The TRUMP and NEWT vs The TRAMP and Pocahontas

    Use this, Pass it on and Pizz Off some D’genrates


    • itsfun

      Dems can’t be that stupid can they? One candidate has videos on the net showing her lying for 14 straight minutes. The other has insulted every minority in the country by saying she is a Native American. You all know she only did that to get minority status for political reasons and get a piece of the pie from the casinos profits.

      • AmericanBelle1

        She used it to get a spot in college, as well as jobs in the public sector before she ran for Congress. She’s no different from Rachel Dolezal who uses the same kind of lying technique to get ahead by claiming she’s a black woman! Doesn’t anyone notice this stuff and how corrupt Democrats are?


      I started calling Warren Fakeahontas as soon as she got into that Cherokee lineage BS, LOL.

      • Janet

        It was about getting free stuff and education to get the position she has to get more free stuff. She, like Hillary act as though they demonize Wall street. They hurt the tax payers who funded her ascension to political liar and tyrant “I know better than you what is best and legal” and to hell with your Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence if it does not fit with the current party narrative

  • joeupyoursCS

    next to hillary she am the most evil bit-ch ever!

    • Gary Smith

      Well said

  • Rodney Steward

    How in the world can the DEM. party be divided over W-ass-erman, I thought they liked far left freaks and sluts, they got both with her and can now go to any bathroom she wants! She’s backed the President on every single issue!

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      You are right, however the DNC by it’s deception, it’s scams, it lies, and deceit, it’s catering to the far left, pushing a socialist agenda, has created a monster that could go out of control.
      Those that have hi-jacked the democrat party, are up against those who still want a middle of the road democrat party. These are the ones who don’t want a Commie Bernie, and possibly not even the Hilda-Beast, these are for lack of a better term, they are capitalists, who like the capitalist ideology, with all that it provides. So now they are at odds with the left-wits. The outcome should be interesting.

    • AmericanBelle1

      The Dem party is divided over her because she’s best buds with Hillary and the Clintons and this election was meant to be the coronation of Queen Hillary! At the start of the election season, DWS sent out the message that no other Democrat was to run because Hillary was the party’s candidate. Sanders threw his hat in anyway, and DWS allowed it only because she knew (or thought she knew) that Sanders would go nowhere.
      But just as it happened with Republicans, Democrats are equally fed up with the system and the parties and the corruption. Both Trump and Sanders are feeding into what the people want. The problem with that, however, is that on the Democrat side, it’s the millenials flocking to Bernie for all the wrong reasons…they’ve been taught capitalism and democracy suck and the US is the cause of all the world problems, so socialism looks good to them…and all the freebies they think come with it. They all need to take a very close look at how socialism affects countries, especially right now in Venezuela! Bernie tells the crowds socialism is working in tiny countries like Denmark, etc., except he’s quoting stats from years and years ago, not current stats. So even he’s misleading the ignorant.
      But Trump is different…as a businessman he sees what’s wrong with the country and its politics, along with millions of people who recognize how corrupt administrations are! DWS is out because she controlled it all, not allowing more than 4 debates, and not allowing other democrats to run, and not giving any degree of support for Sanders…not because he’s a socialist, but because he’s not Hillary. And she’s certainly not done a damn thing to keep the party together.
      More good news though. She is being overwhelmed by an opponent who’s going to grab her FL seat right out from under her. The party wants her out of the way. The only reason why the congressional dems are supporting her is because she’s one of them…their support has nothing to do with her dismal running of the DNC.

  • Merle Dickey

    How did she get the job in the first place !

    • David Stewart

      With her semi-dreadlock hairdo!

      • reggie

        is that what it is. I thought she stuck her finger in a light socket, fried her brains and frizzed her hair.

        • David Stewart

          No, she’s like the former head of NAACP in Seattle, she identifies as black!

          • reggie

            It’s a new form of non-diversity diversity? Pity people can’t just be who they are.

    • joeupyoursCS

      free blowjobs!

    • rc

      You probably do not want to know…just sayin’

      • Merle Dickey

        Well that brings some scary pictures to my mind “)

  • crazyfreddie


  • Charles

    I thought she should have been replaced long ago.

    • Janet Hall

      Along with the rest of the Democrat party, from the “top dog” on down!!!!!!!

    • Charles

      Janet, you sound like my kind of girl !!!


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