White House: GOP & Gun Violence to Blame for Kathyrn Steinle’s Murder

July 7, 2015

2aca37ba1bc9701e7b0f6a70670009e0_c0-632-4759-3405_s561x327The White House blamed congressional Republicans Monday for the death of a San Francisco woman allegedly shot by a repeat offender illegal immigrant, and for a spate of gun violence last weekend in President Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

Referring to the shooting death last week of Kathryn Steinle, allegedly shot by a Mexican man who has been deported five times, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the U.S. would be safer if Republican lawmakers had approved comprehensive immigration reform backed by the president.

“The president has done everything within his power to make sure that we’re focusing our law enforcement resources on criminals and those who pose a threat to public safety,” Mr. Earnest said. “It’s because of the political efforts of Republicans that we have not been able to make the kind of investment that we would like to make in securing our border and keeping our communities safe.”

  • game50

    The only Violence is coming from the Fraud in OUR W.H. … Please ARREST HIM FOR HIGH TREASON AND SAVE AMERICA…WHILE WE STILL CAN.

  • NCnative

    The fact that the weapon belonged to a Federal officer would show proof that he only blames via his agenda instead of by facts. When they facts do not support the agenda, remove the facts to support the agenda. Always blame someone else for your own failures. The American public is too stupid to know the difference.

  • Magnus Erectus

    What else could you expect Odumma to say? He would never admit that his illegal immigration practices brought about the murder, or, for that matter, any of the other crimes that illegals have committed.

  • ronald larson

    obozzo and the rest of his crooks are going to have to face their MAKER soon.

  • This illegal Kenyan Muslim Homo is to blame for opening our borders and refusing to secure our Nation! Obama is endangered our National Security, put Americans in Danger, and has led to the death of a number of Americans at the hands of the Criminals Obama willingly let into our Nation, so Obama should be going to prison and facing the death sentence himself! It will be a blessed and wonderful day when America wakes up to Obama’s Obituary! Lets pray it will happen soon, very, very soon!

  • Bernie

    The people to blame for her death are Obama and his clan for letting all that trash enter our country and with the numbers riing every day you can bet the crime rate is going to go up.

  • Ron Hirschkind

    Send Obama back to Kenya.

  • paul gionet

    Josh Earnest must hate his job,I can’t blame him, he has to tell people this kind of bs knowing that nobody even slightly believes him, and do it with a straight face while pretending to believe it himself! And he knows it makes himself sound like an idiot! Guess the job must pay really well.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Reader, are you responsible for your decisions, I am. What about the president? Is he special?No wonder DC gets away with murder, literally.
    Our President by his actions is a murderer. Never mind liberal excuses his programs permitted these to happen. New name for Obama is the” murderer president”

  • Seedman

    I wonder what it will take for skunk Obama and the Democratic Party to admit they are wrong about anything. Godless, lawless, infidels!

  • gerald Hughes

    Amazing the inept lying outlaw in the white house, ICE and the Liberal dem bloodsuckers in San Frnacisco turn a criminal alien loose and it is the GOP’s fault.
    We can no longer co exist with the liberal garbage, we must physically separtate ourselves from them it is probably the only way to prevent civil war.

  • grmetalman

    Do you think we should revolt on Obama and do what other countries do and take it all the way to the whitehouse? Maybe we the people should all go to congress and supervise getting him out of office now. If millions of people shut down DC we can get attention to all this and throw his ass out of office now and not wait till his term is over

  • Terry Rushing

    Hey Mr. President, I see your wisdom. They were all good people who were showing their love when you allowed them to breach our southern border unchecked. Since you have been flawless in your duties (remember the words, “protect and defend”?) it follows that there was clearly someone else at fault and responsible. Those inanimate guns met with the evil republicans and planned this in an act of hate (I wonder if they were wrapped in a Confederate flag?). The country is so blessed to have such a brilliant chief executive.


    This incident is exactly what mr. Trump was talking about!


    Wake up sleeping people! Obama is corrupt!


    Obama blames Republicans for something he is responsible for! That son of a bitch Obama and his communist party pals are responsible for all of these shootings to gain gun control! The U.N. Is pressuring Obama to confiscate our guns! “New World Order” can’t happen if we are armed! Obama is a sorry mother fucker! That Mexican found a gun on the ground? Turns out to be a federal agents stolen gun? No! This is a murder scripted by the powers that be!

    • Terry Rushing

      The question of a “false flag” operation occurs to me every time some incident seemingly “pops out of thin air” involving firearms. In his zealousness to disarm the citizenry, I would not exclude the possibility some underlings (or even a Manchurian Candidate) executing such events to inflame the public into a knee-jerk disarmament movement or a support for one of the infamous “Executive Orders”.

      • richard

        The story on how this happened is different. Every time I read the story. No comment was made by the Obama admin. Like Trayvon and Charleston shooting. Showing their are no political points to be made. It also reveals how cunning he is to be constantly minipulating his base for political purposes. The Sancuary state is a ruse to give the false notion they protect something or somebody. It really serves liberal gestapo policy like they can decide the severity of punishment for people they deem against their politics. This Mexican shooter will send another disturbing message and is consistant with liberal thinking. Its. OK to come and kill Americans you get a pass. Obama’s amnesty telegraphs the same message. Open borders. Let criminals go. The border is ground zero for Obama’s dictator minded policies. If we fail to have another election as a result of a created crisis. Martial law might be declared. Obama would then be able to recruit Mexicans Russians Chinese Isis to restore order in the US. Of course that would be Obama’s excuse. Any one could pass thru our border. We NEED secure borders now!!! This is why Obama tries to tie up this issue to stall for time. Greece may be the tip of the iceburg. Obama method is rule by secrecy and deception create chaos then step in by acting presidential and sign a executive order side stepping congress the constitution and the american people.To decieve the masses. Like liberals do instead of doing the job discription they want to sit around like a buster and reinterpt what their job should be. Your observation of manch candidate is what came to mind they may be getting the bottle wash in Mexico before they arrive. I support Trump getting the message out this is exactly what the controlled media wants to cover up….

  • duco boon

    The white house just can’t stop pouring out the BS, WTF.

  • pete G

    Disgusting POS this President. Anyone supporting him should be ashamed.

  • Phyllis Schultz

    What BS. He has no one to blame but himself and his cronies. He is the person responsible for that woman’s death, and any others that occur at the hands of his illegal friends. Our border should have been secured and the illegals turned back, but he has not allowed that to happen.



  • Bob Stewart

    The white house doesn’t even pretend to have any sense. Guess their mantra is when you have a good lie going, just keep on telling it and a bunch of dumb Americans will believe it.

  • jdbixii

    Liberalism’s fundamental problem is with the law. This fact explains the insistence that the symptoms of criminal actions are due to the presence of the means to effectuate them rather than the mindset, as cause, which makes a person decide to do something illegal in the first place. Liberalism is in denial of “cause-and-effect logic.” The fact is that if these people who committed the crimes had not been allowed to enter the U.S., the crimes would never have been committed. As a chief executive, Obama is little more than an arrogant, negligent fool, who refuses to recognize the truth, as a matter of choice, plain and simple. The consequences of his policies are undeniable and, by direct extension, reason for impeachment, not that any of the members of congress have the resolve to pursue it. But, until we have a return to respect and obedience for and to the law, and, as a nation, compel its consistent enforcement, we will not eliminate the causes which liberalism allows to produce the symptoms which are the justification for liberal democrat “pet issues.” The CHOICE to be wrong is not an acceptable option. The cost of being wrong is intolerable. The consequences of being wrong require correction. It is time that the congress corrected!

  • Chucky

    How dam dumb does this STUPID ASS President think everyone is? He is not even a US Citizen himself and he thinks some scumbag illegal buddies of his is not responsabile for this womans death. If the scum bag had been deported back to where he came from this woman would still be alive. It is time for impeachment and imprisonment.

    • Terry Rushing

      Impeachment with this bunch of weak kneed RINOS in charge? Mitch is too fearful of “shutting down the government” to do that.


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