District of Columbia

Death With Dignity Act

‘Death With Dignity Act’ clears first hurdle as D.C. weighs physician-assisted suicide

Legislation authorizing doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to terminally ill patients cleared its first major hurdle Wednesday… READ MORE
Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Vandalizes Trump International in DC

On Saturday Black Lives Matter goons defaced the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. The liberal mainstream media totally IGNORED… READ MORE

Possible MS-13 gang activity in D.C., police say

WASHINGTON – A member of D.C.’s Latino community is warning others as D.C. police investigate several violent incidents possibly connected… READ MORE

Planned Parenthood plumber says he would work for KKK, extermination camp, maybe Hitler

A man who said he was a plumber working to build a new Planned Parenthood facility in Washington, D.C., told… READ MORE

DC Metro bans ‘issue’ ads after Muhammad cartoon request

The Washington, D.C., transit system banned all “issue-oriented” advertisements from Metro stations and buses on Thursday, after receiving a request… READ MORE

D.C. asks that gun-carrying restriction remain in effect

D.C. officials have asked a judge to let the city enforce a central element of its restrictive concealed-carry law — the requirement that handgun owners demonstrate a “good reason” for a permit to carry —… READ MORE

One arrested after bomb squad detonates pressure cooker found in car near Capitol

One person was arrested Sunday evening after a bomb squad detonated a pressure cooker that was found in a vehicle near the U.S. Capitol building. U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman Lt. Kimberly Schneider said in a… READ MORE

Federal Judge Says DC Gun Carry Law is Unconstitutional

A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction saying the District of Columbia’s new concealed carry law is unconstitutional. The… READ MORE

Marijuana becomes serious business at D.C. convention

Part patchouli, part power suit, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gathered over the weekend for the District’s first cannabis convention since the city legalized recreational marijuana — offering a glimpse of the emerging markets that could take… READ MORE

Perry Pumps Up Conservative at DC Confab

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Thursday positioned himself as a pragmatic, pro-compromise presidential candidate, dismissing 2016 rivals whom he said merely seek to be “critic-in-chief.” Perry in recent weeks has sought to portray himself… READ MORE

Gun rights group sues D.C. over concealed carry laws

A gun rights advocacy group filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging the District’s newly enacted concealed carry laws on behalf of… READ MORE

Seahawks coach shrugs at 9/11 truther rumors

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is not backing down from his support among 9/11 truthers. Carroll, who will coach the… READ MORE

NFL Civil Rights Group Says ‘Redskins Name Has To Be Changed’

Leaders of a prominent civil rights organization, with a stated mission to promote racial diversity and equality of opportunities in… READ MORE
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