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Iowa pumps ethanol to 2016 field

Iowans have a message for presidential hopefuls: Don’t forget about ethanol. The Hawkeye State’s political and agricultural leaders hope to make the renewable fuel and support for its federal mandate a bigger issue than it… READ MORE

Poll: Huckabee holds slim lead in Iowa

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) holds a slim lead over other possible 2016 Republican presidential candidates among potential GOP… READ MORE

Shock poll: Warren leads Clinton in Iowa, N.H.

Populist groups cheering “Run Warren Run,” today released 2016 election polls from Iowa and New Hampshire showing Sen. Elizabeth Warren ahead of dominant Democrat Hillary Clinton. The YouGov poll of likely Democratic voters for MoveOn.org… READ MORE

Iowa poll: Scott Walker leads GOP field

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the top choice for Iowa GOP voters ahead of the 2016 caucuses in the state… READ MORE

Iowa governor collapses at event

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) was taken to a hospital Monday after falling ill at an event. “The governor was… READ MORE

Iowa Republicans vote to continue straw poll

DES MOINES, Iowa — Republicans in Iowa have opted to carry on with their presidential straw poll, a summer political… READ MORE

Scott Walker to Iowa to Speak at Freedom Summit

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will speak at the Iowa Freedom Summit at the end of January hosted by Rep. Steve… READ MORE

Iowa: A conservative antidote to the White House

It is the conservative antidote to President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address and ongoing legacy building. That would be the inaugural Iowa Freedom Summit later this month, which now bristles with an expanding… READ MORE

Iowa’s Steve King rules over GOP on road to presidency

Rep. Steve King has summoned the potential field of 2016 Republican presidential candidates to Iowa next month for his Freedom Summit, and they are jumping at the opportunity — underscoring the conservative firebrand’s political pull… READ MORE

Potential 2016 contenders drop holiday mail in Iowa

In addition to possible fruitcakes and yearly updates from friends and loved ones, some Iowans are also sifting through holiday… READ MORE

Iowa’s going to have smartphone driver’s licenses

The Iowa Department of Transportation said it plans to pilot a smartphone driver’s license program that could one day make plastic licenses a thing of the past. “It’s really moving beyond a static thing,” said… READ MORE

Joni Ernst Wins Election, First Woman to Represent Iowa in US Senate

Joni Ernst has been elected as the next U.S. Senator from Iowa. The Republican, a state Senator from Red Oak, defeated Democrat U.S. Representative Bruce Braley in one of the nation’s closest watched elections. Ernst… READ MORE

Obamacare Sends Iowa Health Insurance Premiums Skyrocketing

Thousands of Iowans are now facing double-digit health insurance premium hikes due to Obamacare.  On Wednesday, the Des Moines Register reported that the state’s insurance commissioner has approved Des Moines-based Wellmark to hike its rates… READ MORE