A major Native American site is being looted. Will Obama risk armed conflict to save it?

For centuries, humans have used the red sandstone canyons here as a way to mark their existence. First came archaic… READ MORE

Utah school won’t discipline teacher who assigned terrorist propaganda poster

Utah’s Salem Junior High School released an apology Thursday for an assignment in which students were asked to create propaganda… READ MORE

Utah homeowner association fines residents for flying American flags

Residents of a small community in Murray, Utah, are outraged after their homeowners association began fining them for flying American… READ MORE

Secret Service agents leaked Jason Chaffetz’s file amid probe

At 10 a.m. on March 24, Rep. Jason Chaffetz convened a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing to look… READ MORE

Utah gay couples ask Supreme Court to hear appeal

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Even though they scored a key victory in federal appellate court, attorneys for three Utah gay and lesbian couples said…… READ MORE

Utah to appeal gay marriage ruling to high court

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah is going directly to the nation’s highest court to challenge a federal appeals court ruling that gay couples have a…… READ MORE

Utah residents become next to confront Bureau of Land Management, in growing debate

A band of Utah residents rode all-terrain vehicles onto federally managed public land Saturday to protest the Bureau of Land Management closing off the area. The protest comes weeks after Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s successful… READ MORE

Utah Moves to Have First Primary

“Utah could offer the nation’s first presidential primary in 2016,” the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “The House voted 58-14 Monday to pass HB410, sending it to the Senate. The bill would allow Utah to hold… READ MORE

Family Research Council supports Utah’s appeal in same sex marriage case

SALT LAKE CITY — A conservative Christian lobbying group filed a court brief Thursday supporting Utah’s appeal of a judge’s ruling that struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. The Family Research Council submitted… READ MORE
Which way

Which way do we go? Supreme Court puts gay marriage on hold in Utah

The Supreme Court on Monday put gay marriage on hold in Utah, giving the state time to appeal a federal… READ MORE

Utah appealing same-sex marriage ruling

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah state lawyers have again turned to a Denver-based federal appeals court in their bid to put a stop to gay couples getting married, saying the state should not be required… READ MORE

Matheson, Latham, Wolf retirements shake up the race for House control

Longtime Reps. Jim Matheson (D-Utah), Tom Latham (R-Iowa) and Frank Wolf (R-Va.) announced Tuesday they would not run for reelection, shaking up the race for the House. Matheson’s retirement hands Republicans a near-certain pickup in… READ MORE

Hatch says Lee, other tea party Republicans need to be ‘rehabilitated’

SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Orrin Hatch declined Tuesday to endorse the re-election of fellow Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee but said Lee has plenty of time to improve his image after losing a high-stakes… READ MORE
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