Athens set for first mosque since Ottoman times…

by Karolina Tagaris | Yahoo! News  |  published on February 14, 2017

MOSQUEATHENS – Athens’s half a million Muslims are set to get their first official mosque in more than a century.

The city has not had a formal mosque since it drove out occupying Ottomans in 1833, and Deputy Foreign Minister Ioannis Amanantidis told parliament last year that it was the only European capital “to be deprived of such a religious space”.

For years Muslims have resorted to praying in hundreds of makeshift sites, in crowded basements or dark warehouses targeted by racist attackers.

In May, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared building a mosque long overdue. The government, he said, would push ahead “out of respect for the Muslim residents in our capital, but also because we are obliged to actively defend our values.”

The new mosque – a 1,000 square meter building without a minaret, split over two levels – is expected to be ready in April in an old naval base in an industrial, rundown part of Athens.

  • roboteq

    There was a reason that Athens drove out Muslims in the past. Those reasons have not changed since the 19th Century. The first issue will be the call to prayer over loudspeakers. Infidels within earshot will be annoyed and pass a regulation preventing the calls to prayer and that will give Muslim’s a reason to claim they are being persecuted. Once persecuted, Muslim’s are to fight their persecutors and destroy them. The story has never changed.

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  • justinwachin

    A sucker is born every minute. Athens’ problems will not be solved by a mosque. A few new problems will probably be created by the mosque.

  • CCblogging

    Big Mistake Athens!

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