Beijing rebukes US over South China Sea islands row

by Benjamin Haas, AFP  |  published on May 16, 2015

Beijing (AFP) – China’s foreign minister told top US diplomat John Kerry on Saturday that Beijing was “unshakeable” in its defence of sovereignty, as tensions between the powers mount over Chinese island-building in strategic but disputed waters.

The United States is weighing sending warships and surveillance aircraft within 12 nautical miles — the normal territorial zone around natural land — of artificial islands that Beijing is building in the South China Sea.

Such a move could lead to a standoff on the high seas in an area home to vital global shipping lanes and believed to be rich in oil and gas deposits.

  • James in Texas

    Not to worry! Obama and his “Mini-Me” John Kerry, will give California to Communist China to make amends for being so bold as accusing China of being an “Communist country” and and causing issues with the other nations in the region! Both of these fools have never found an issue that they were not able to surrender on, Period!

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