Canada’s immigration website crashes due to heavy traffic

by Lydia Wheeler - The Hill  |  published on November 9, 2016

.CanadaCanada’s Citizenship and Immigration website crashed for a few minutes on the night of the presidential election.

The site reportedly went down for a few minutes due to heavy traffic around 11 p.m., shortly after Republican nominee Donald Trump was projected to win the battlegrounds of Florida and Ohio. The site was back up and running as of 11:04 p.m.

The GOP nominee appears to be within reach of the White House after taking several key states, including North Carolina.

  • CharlieSeattle

    Hey, Madonna before you leave I want my BJ!

  • CharlieSeattle

    Why Canada?

    Because they do not speak Spanish?
    Because they do want to drink the water?
    Because they do not want to be kidnapped?

    It’s …NOT because the HoLLyWeIrD Snowflakes are………RACIST!

  • Wilbor Gavin

    Canada be aware, if you except all these Rich, liberal intertainers and technology pimps, into Canada , you will be reducing prostitution and homosexually in the U.S.A and increasing it in Canada.

  • James Shipman

    Funny stuff.

  • RuFus92

    To paraphrase a saying by Perot ” That loud sucking noise you hear is the sound of illegals rushing toward the border before the INS and others pick up their trails!” LMAO. You have my deepest sympathy Canada, as you are now stuck with the problem, to go along with your version of Obama that was elected as PM

    • Rodney Steward

      Kinda hope it was the movie stars leaving this country, but we know different, they have it made here, living in their little glass world!

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      • CharlieSeattle

        Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!! Fraud Alert!!

  • David Stewart

    Oh boy! Does that mean Canada will “inherit” our tens of thousands of Communists upset over Trump’s victory? Canada, you have both my thanks and my sympathy!

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