Chaos, riots as France dismantles Calais migrant camp called the ‘Jungle’

March 3, 2016

Rahmanjan Safy scrambled to salvage anything valuable from the demolished tents and makeshift shelters at this Calais migrant camp Wednesday, even as riot police and bulldozers destroyed the site.

Food, clothing, spoons — he picked up everything he could find.

Safy, 25, from Jalalabad, Afghanistan, has been in France since 2009. He once lived in this camp but now works with an organization that helps the migrants and refugees. Driving his big white truck, he moved these precious commodities to a section of the camp still intact, so people could still use them.

“I once was in the same situation as them,” he said. “I never forgot. I want to help them.”

A judge gave the green light last week for the French government to tear down part of the Calais “Jungle,” as the camp is commonly called, but riots broke out this week amid the resulting chaos.

  • Pam

    I read the whole “bleeding heart” article @ usatoday. The overall tone was “oh the poor refugees”, but even they had to say these savages fought back against the bulldozing of part of their “camp” by BURNING THE CAMP and throwing rocks at the riot police who were there to protect the demo. crew.
    Also, they are only destroying the part of the camp near the highway because: a) the savages are trying to jump onto vehicles headed for the tunnel; and b) it is driving down the tourist trade.
    These “refugees” see that islamic ideology is driving all this turmoil, so, do they leave “the faith”? No! Instead they leave the area of conflict, taking their “faith” with them, claiming to be in search of “a peaceful existence” then arrive at a new place and immediately begin trying to force their violent “faith” on a new populace! THIS IS NOT A “REFUGEE CRISIS”, THIS IS HIJRA AND STEALTH JIHAD! But the Political Elite are so wrapped up in their goal of a New World Order that they are willing to allow their own citizens to be killed off to accomplish their goal. I wonder what they will say when the muslims completely take over and round all of THEM up for the chopping block. I’m almost positive that at least a few of them will say, “Well, a world-wide caliphate is a KIND of one world”.

  • Marc Goldstone

    Allah says become Soylent Green and get 70 virgins.

  • Rich Shack

    And Obeyme wants to bring more of them here.


      Wants to??? He is and has been ‘secretly’ bringing them in by the thousands. Where have YOU been? Call Catholic charities and the other money grubbing religious organizations and ask them how many they have placed in small cities across U S.. and better yet as your Governor about the recent so called muslim refugees….demand the truth! There are more coming by way of air planes–thanks to your “tax dollars” at use. When they arrive, are you aware that they will be “entitled to FREE Housing, food stamps, etc at YOUR EXPENSE??!! I bet you did not know that, did you, Rich??!!! If you don’t believe me here is proof: The United States government admits about 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally on an annual basis, according to officials. Tennessee — where five members of the military were killed and one police officer was wounded — is home to one of the fastest growing immigrant populations in the country, causing the President to give a recent speech there in favor of expansive immigration. The mayor of Nashville has launched a New American Advisory Council to help facilitate the legally-sanctioned transition from the previous inhabitants of Nashville to the new ones.
      Sadly, both of Tennessee’s Republican U.S. Senators (Lamar Alexander and Bob Coker actually voted for — and helped to pass — the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill which would lead to millions of immigration green cards issued over the next ten years. Besides providing these Muslim aliens with green cards, Obama and his minions are fast tracking them for U.S. citizenship with little if any vetting by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
      Besides providing these Muslim aliens with green cards, Obama and his minions are fast tracking them for U.S. citizenship with little if any vetting by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

      Here are four things to remember about immigration benefits available to refugees:
      * Refugees (as distinguished from asylum grantees) receive a broad range of benefits and services (e.g. complete furnishing for free or subsidized housing) that are not available to U.S. citizens who are homeless and indigent.There are still significant numbers of aliens resettled as refugees who are in fact admitted under the Lautenberg Amendment and thus do not have to meet the evidentiary standards for establishing status under INA 207. The related Specter Amendment includes Iranian nationals in this special category. Congress has reauthorized the loopholes annually in the 1970s.
      * Only refugees who are designated as eligible for a presidentially designated “priority program” are offered resettlement. The third priority for refugee selection (P-3) is referred to by the Department of State as the “Anchor Family Program” because it is almost entirely derivatives of previously settled refugees, justified on the basis of “family unity” rather than protection from persecution. For example, adult children of previously settled refugees are in this priority category due to the CSPA legislation.
      * Entrants on certain Special Immigrant Visas also receive a high level of public benefits similar to that granted to refugees.

  • Rustytruck

    People all over the world are starting to wake up to that muslim garbage. More power to them, I hope they send ’em packin’, right back to the friggin sandbox they came out of.

    • USNavyPatriot

      Or get some bulldozers, dig deep hole and bury all that trash!

  • crazyfreddie



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