China Warns U.S. After Trump Wins Nevada Caucus

February 25, 2016

China warned the United States on Wednesday not to adopt punitive currency policies that could disrupt U.S.-China relations after Donald Trump’s win in the Nevada caucus.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters in Beijing that “we are following with interest the U.S. presidential election.”

Hua was asked about China’s response to a possible Trump presidency and his announced plan to punish China for currency manipulation with a tax on Chinese goods.

“Since it belongs to the domestic affair of the U.S., I am not going to make comments on specific remarks by the relevant candidate,” she said.

“But I want to stress that China and the U.S., as world’s largest developing and developed countries, shoulder major responsibilities in safeguarding world peace, stability and security and driving world development,” the spokeswoman added.

  • dhwilson58

    Obullshit really made a name for himself… the biggest pussy in America!! It also shows what kind of respect these countries have for the Muslim terrorist !!

  • emenot

    We should be MUCH MORE DILIGENT OF TRUMPS’ SAFETY INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF USA! look what happened to Justice Scalia, I bet his families must had been threatened to skipped an autopsy!

  • ralph

    First you have to have an honest partner for that and china is self serving 100%

  • Benjamin Michel

    That is why I am a TRUMP man. He will do are country a good job at even the playing field and that is why the other country are trying to stop TRUMP from getting in office !!

  • Luke

    If we had a president in the WH he would tell china to shove their threat up their obama..

  • Warpaint

    Why are we even doing business in and with a communist state?

    • ehutch

      Because Walmart gets its stuff there. Apple builds its computers there. We seem to be addicted to stuff built with the cheapest labor possible rather than build anything in the USA and pay liveable wages for the stuff we use.

      • Warpaint

        I try whenever possible to buy American made, just getting harder and harder to find, I don’t mind paying a bit more for it if it keeps a fellow American employed

      • Franie

        What the U.S. considers a ‘liveable wage’, translates into ‘exorbitant’ prices for goods. Just look at what the union thugs get paid. Why do you think these companies are looking elsewhere for cheaper wages? So they can give us a descent price for our purchasing power.

        • ehutch

          Union membership is at the lowest it has been in many decades. Paying minimum cost for disposable junk doesn’t improve our way of life. Walmart executives and the family stockholders make a serious profit on Chineese junk. I would rather have more purchasing power from more equitable wages and pay more for quality products made here in USA. In our “service economy” if a grocery clerk processes $500 of groceries per hour for $7.50 and the wage paid is increased to $15 it would add 1.5% for salary and another .5% for benefits. Can I pay an extra $2 for a $100 for groceries knowing that the clerk is fairly paid? The clerk will then have an extra $300 per week to spend on something the rest of us make or sell. Even if there are five workers in the stream stocking shelves etc, that would only add $10 to the grocery bill, and move five families out of working poverty. Right now the revenue goes to the top and the rest of us get by on substandard wages.

  • BobM001

    ANYONE that can get the ChiComs “crapping in their Nike’s” is the RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB! TRUMP 2016

  • This is confirmation of Trump’s knowledge and we are voting for the right person. THANK YOU

  • reggie

    Guess they won’t be contributing to Trump’s campaign like they did with zipper willy and probably killery’s as well.

  • Citizentobe

    They know more about US elections that the average ignorant voter

    • speedle24

      Well that’s true as evidenced by the last two presidential elections. Apparently fire plugs understand politics better than the average American voter.

      • SocialistsCommunistsLoveSharia

        It is called voter fraud. The illegals vote in our elections, the dead rise up to vote on election day, citizens not yet neutralized vote too, just promise you are a citizen on a paper no one checks and people voting many times in may counties being bused by the DNC from location to location. All the people who do not vote get there vote stolen, someone votes for them too, there is a list of registered voters who do not vote each party has access to it. Prepare for lots of voter fraud in the next election and also the George Soros voting machines tallying our votes in Spain. I hope trump will check for voter fraud with his lawyers if they pull this scam again. We need a voter ID ASAP, like other countries have or we will all perish eventually to these communist/socialist/islamofascist bastards.

    • truthseeker

      They are depending on that. Ask the average College Student who discovered America and when., ask them who was our First President. Ask them anything and they will not know the answer about the Country they live in .

  • Todd Alfonsi

    What are they gonna do? We are about to cut them off and they know it,if they want to collect any debt owed they should get on their knees and bow,or threaten g dubya and cheny for it.We could send them 50 Million pet Mexicans,all they have to do is give them a shiny new collar,a bowl of beans, and a leaf blower, and they will do anything you tell them no complaints. That should nock the debt in half.

    • Warpaint

      Now that was funny! You know why Mexico doesn’t have an Olympic team don’t you? Every mexican that can run, jump or swim is HERE…

  • Retired Marine

    This only proves that Trump is who we need. He will tell China to take a hike and bring our business’s back. Hey China, we will send you Odicktaster as a door prize.

    • william couch

      He has everyone !QUAKING! TRUMP 2016

    • ehutch

      Perhaps they will cash in the massive US debt they hold and crash our economy. We might do well to take China seriously.

      • truthseeker

        We are the only ones that support them and buy their products. We made them all Millionaires and Billionaires. If we stopped buying their products and refused the sale of our Land for their thousands of Acres to have their Livestock on and declared Emanate Domain to take back that land, they would starve to death. Look at Hong Kong it is beautiful and how do you think it got that beautiful with a Dictator they have. It was from our Businesses that they are thriving on . Believe me, it would not go well for them and they know it. It is just that our Presidents have been giving them everything they wanted, cause they contribute to their Presidential campaigns and now they owe them. This is why we need someone like Donald Trump that will not sell us out , cause he is Self-Funding and will not be anyone’s puppet . Vote Trump! We need to save our Nations with someone who knows financing .

      • Retired Marine

        The debt is at the Federal Reserve, not the so called government, Since the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE corporation, hired by the US Government, an argument could be made that the Federal Reserve is in debt, and not the US Government.

        • ehutch

          I don’t think so. The Fed Res loans money to banks. China holds $1.3 trillion of US treasury Bonds. These are obligations of the US government. Last year Japan became the largest holder of US treasury bonds exceeding the Chinese holdings. Japan increased holdings and China sold some off. There are lots of other types foreign indebtedness, from debts on real estate to individuals’ debts. Foreign countries use US bond ownership to attempt to “peg” their internal currencies to the dollar. That insures that they will maintain favorable (to them) trade positions.

          • Retired Marine

            Great argument, but there must be loopholes, there always are. Can you expound on what they may be, and how to exploit them?

          • ehutch

            The only explanation is that our government spends more money than we raise in tax revenue. The chinese have excess revenue to buy our bonds. If we spent the same amount that the Chinese spend on defence we would have no budget deficit to to pay for with debt.

    • truthseeker

      Trump is a Businessman and has made his own money. These Senators and Congressmen get money from the Taxpayer. They get One Million dollars a year for Clothing allowance and can vote themselves a 13% pay raise, without asking us.

  • crazyfreddie


    • reggie

      It worked on zipper willy, they gave him ? 4 million in exchange for military stuff. How else could the have come so far so fast. Yeah, we need that pile of rubbish in the wh again. Got enough in there now.

    • truthseeker

      Everything we have been getting from China and Japan has turned out to be Junk. We made the Billionaires they have today and have seriously improved their Lifestyle. Do a crime in their Country and see what happens to you .

      • emenot

        Japan’s are premium goods! China’s are complete opposite!

    • emenot

      I worry for Trumps’ safety now!


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