Clearing Germany’s migrant backlog

syrian refugees

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has defended her policies on refugees, in the wake of recent terror attacks. As tensions grow, the government is still trying to deal with the large number of migrants who took advantage of Germany’s open borders last year.

There were endless corridors where officials bustled through with files, offices with computers, microscopes and fingerprint-readers.

I saw signs for medical centres and canteens – some places freshly painted, others still being renovated.

Security staff were watchful, translators wrestled with all kinds of languages.

In individual rooms, intense conversations were under way between officials and families about life stories and dramatic journeys.

Anxious children looked up from parental laps, some playing with toys, others restless in stuffy waiting rooms.

Waiting is the key to this place.

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  • Rodney Steward

    Merkel, like Obama needs to be ousted, gone, run off, disappear, if Germany don’t do something fast, they’re GONE, and crime is going to continue to get worse and worse! But so far it’s working, the muslims said they were going to take back all of Europe that they once owned or controlled!

    • Laurajferguson3

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      • CharlieSeattle

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