Crisis hits Venezuela’s main zoo, where 50 animals have died of malnutrition this year

by Franz von Bergen | FOXNews Latino  |  published on August 3, 2016

CARACAS, VENEZUELA – An emaciated lion whose skin hangs loosely because it hasn’t eaten in days. Elephants, bison and monkeys that have gone hungry because there is no food to feed them.

This is the dire situation at the zoos in Venezuela, where at least 50 animals have died in one zoo the past seven months because of problems related to malnutrition. The country is suffering from a massive food shortage that has left almost the entire country hungry – including its furry animals.

According to Marlene Sifontes, a member of the National Institute of Parks workers union, these are the worst days the Caricuao Zoo has seen in its nearly four decades of operation.

“Animals have gone 15 days without eating anything during some periods. We have registered the death of Vietnamese pigs, tapirs, rabbits, birds, peccaries and porcupines,” Sifontes told Fox News Latino.

One case two weeks ago astonished the community. A beloved dark horse that had been in exhibit for years was attacked in the middle of the night and quartered for meat. The next day staff members found just the head and the mutilated body.

  • democrat CockRoach

    liberals can’t even take care of themselves how would you expect them to take care of animals?

  • Mys77

    Hey, but Obama just gave 400 million in cash to our to burn, those socialist pigs. and when the food is gone, it is gone. Great socialist system ….enjoy.

  • Blue 3

    No help coming there. No Democrat is coming to their aid due to the optics. Any real Republican wants an implosion. Venezuela knows the consequence of invading a neighbor. Their people are f***ed. Humanitarian effort is all that’s coming. That’s only if there’s no civil war which is inevitable now. Hungry people don’t act rationally. This is going to get very ugly.

  • Rodney Steward

    I guess this will be the next country we bail out, just like the slums of Rico, all because the fat cats are living like kings and to he$$ with everyone else, sound familiar!?!? GO TRUMP!!

  • Dawn

    So would love to feed the politicians to the starving ones. The fatter
    they are, the politicians that is, the more food to go around.

  • Dawn

    This is one huge problem and it will only get worse. Can not countries
    contribute money or food to the people and animals? Is there no animal
    welfare that can get the animals out of their dire situation. It pains me to death
    not only of the starving people but the innocent animals. Please, some
    one please help them. Countries are being torn apart by the Muslims and others and someone needs to step in and say enough.This will continue to
    other poor countries as well as Venezuela.

    • podunk1

      Feed the corrupt politicions to them!

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