Drone killing of British citizens in Syria marks major departure for UK

by Ewen MacAskill | The Guardian  |  published on September 8, 2015

The killing of two British citizens in a targeted drone strike in Syria marks a major departure for the UK. While killing its own citizens by missiles fired from drones is not new for the US, this is the first time such an attack has been carried out by Britain.

The attack raises an immediate issue, just as it has done in the US, over whether the killing of its citizens in such a way is lawful. It also raises a political question of whether David Cameron, in spite of a parliamentary vote against military action in Syria two years ago, is slowly creeping towards taking the UK fully into the conflict.

The prime minister, in his Commons statement, justified the attack as self-defence, to prevent terrorist outrages in the UK planned by Islamic State. He confirmed that a third Briton, Junaid Hussein, also believed to be fighting with Isis, had been killed in a drone attack by the US.

  • spokencitizen

    England shit where they ate and now Germany has done it too with the influx of muslims

  • Rocknrobyn

    If a person has gone to fight with ISIS or any other group planning to kill, maim, rape, overthrow recognized governments, etc., then they have duly given up their citizenship in any other nation and are vulnerable to whatever happens to them in a vicious rouge regime. In other words, you have renounced your previous citizenship.

  • Michel

    ISLAM = ISIS = Hezbollah = HAMAS = TALIBAN = BOKO HARAM = Muslim Brotherhood, The Nation of Islam….etc. The cult followers of mohammed have killed 270,000,000 in 1400 years. That’s 528 people per day, and approx. 22 people an hour. The slaughter by MUSLIMS is nearly TEN TIMES more than Stalin and Hitler combined.

  • teaman

    Mentioning the fact that these two were British citizens is just plain stupid. If an individual leaves their respective Nation to join an enemy of that Nation, in my mind, they loose their citizenship. If it isn’t the law, it defiantly should be. You cannot sellout your Nation and expect to be re-accepted back as a loyal citizen and if you do return, it should be punishment by death for treason! We have entirely to much bleeding heart liberal bullsh*t going down in the U. S. and the UK! Way past time it is stopped!

  • Michel

    Islam is not a religion….it’s political. They are commanded by their hate filled books to conquer the world…and the west needs to realize islamic peace comes ONLY after all are either converted to their evil cult….OR WE’RE DEAD!!

    • Lorene James

      Michel,,Will you convert to their way of thinking ,religion etc:Or Stand Firm with The Bible that tells us..To Know better, and do what,s Right. Live now with evil,act evil.,,or Crossover to Our Lord.. Which its proubley what will happen to believers.. Killed in the name of Allah. Who’s this person.. Was he real like Jesus ? Did he walk this planet at some time? Now all this not trying to be smart or hateful..Just a Question.. Can anyone tell me who all these things (not people) are, Where or WHO drumbed up these bad things..I know JESUS walked the planet. Good day..
      God bless all,Who know him,and his son Jesus Christ.

  • People need to realize that Muslims have no loyalty to any Flag, Country, Constitution, or Laws except Allah, the Koran, and Sharia Law, so no, they may have been listed as British citizens, but if they were Muslims, then it was just killing a rabid Pig, not a citizen.

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