Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob

May 26, 2016

A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.

The mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church, after rumours circulated in the village that a Christian man was having a relationship with a Muslim woman.

The violence started at around 8pm on 20 May, and the local diocese said it was two hours before police responded, by which point the mob had already dispersed.

The woman who was stripped naked was reported to be the mother of the man involved in the rumoured affair. She has since met with church leaders, the Diocese of Minya and Abu Qirqas said.

  • dmttbt

    That was probably some of those peaceful Muslims that Hillary was talking about. Hillary is a danger even to herself and they have her wanting to run the country. This has to be one big stupid joke. She had stated that we don’t target the training camps that are located close to the peaceful Muslim population. What an idiotic thing to say.

  • Carl Carlson

    Hurry up and send Egypt its allotted foreign aid money. They undoubtedly need financial help to put down these street riots.

  • stan lee

    The reasons Muslims have no respect for others is because they have no self-respect. They have no concept of what “respect” is. They are blind, fanatic, followers. All they need to be followers is for anyone to represent himself as “leader” and then quote a passage in the koran. If the USA takes them in, the national IQ will drop into a single number.

  • J.B. Young

    Muslims have a disgusting religion! We do not need anymore of them here!

  • stickichild

    I think the ones who don’t assimilate to our ways , should be sent out of our Country period !!!!

  • stickichild

    No moslems should ever be allowed to hold,any type of political office!!!!!

  • Wes

    President Barack Hussein Obama is a traitor and knows full well that the theme of Islam is murder and conquest, not peace.

  • onefour

    And we are bring this scum into our country. Thanks Obama and Congress. Yes Congress since they have done nothing to stop him and his muslim advisors that he has as his staff.

  • justinwachin

    Islam the religion of peace once again shows its dark side. Muslims should abandon this religion. It was started with a renamed moon god. Every place where Islam is allowed to dominate is a place of misery, violence, repression and poverty. If this religion was that great you would think it would be a beacon of light and opportunity for the rest of the world. The truth is that conversions are often done by threatening a person with severe injury or death. Once again, if the religion was any good its followers would not have to force people to join.

  • Forewarning of what Obama plans for America. Look at all countries in which the Muslim religion dominates and see what happens. Death and Destruction! Whether the Muslim converts to Christianity or any other religion or simply goes modern in his or her views, his or home or business may be destroyed, the individual and even family members persecuted or killed. Obama/Soebarkah has already declared that goal for when he is able to eliminate that pestky Constitution the Founding Fathers created that makes it hard for him to radically transform America into HIS idea of utopia!

  • outlawdealer

    And yet they are not suppose to view a naked female unless married to her.

    • Outlawdealer! Oh, that’s just the “What I do is my business and what you do is My Business, too?!” that Communists, Liberals and Muslims are OK with. — Oh, and Hillary and Barack seem to feel they are above the law, too. I always heard that the best defense is a good offense.
      So put the wrong construction on what someone else did, maybe years ago and can’t deny and keep shouting about that so long and loud nobody can hear what really bad thing you just did two minutes ago!

      • outlawdealer

        You got that right.

  • HandsOffOurFreedoms

    They are muslimes. It’s what they do.

  • exoticdoc2

    And this is the kind of vermin the Obamanation and Hildebeast want to flood the US with. Didn’t libs learn anything from Europe?

  • rivahmitch

    and there are idiots who think we need more of these muslim things here….. EIEI&O!!

  • andrew

    Islam, is the most insidious, pernicious disease ever extant upon the face of Gods’ green earth.
    Every vestige of the “religion”, and every evidence of its existence [koran] MUST be totally eradicated. Post Haste !!!
    There is no evidence that islam will ever assimilate into, and live in peace with any other culture.

    • elmcqueen3

      Followers of Islam…they never have and never will just look at the mid-east…they enjoy killing each other…but our politicians believe in diversity and this left wing PC crap with which to destroy all that once was good in this country….As Donald Trump has more than once stated…”our politicians are just plain stupid”.

      • dmttbt

        I will have to study if they are stupid or so crooked they will not change the way they do or I should say do not do things. Those of you who say you are Christians and are waiting for Jesus to infiltrate their dreams and convert them I think are beyond help. Do you think that will keep them from cutting off your head or cremating you while you are still alive?

  • tom442

    so obama wants to bring these crazy bas**rds to america? for what? it cant be because they have respect ,morals or any thing resembleing honor or dignitys? the bible says! lord said! let those with out sin cast the first stone! or thou shall not kill! so where`s the religion these idiots follow! other than killing and following a false god of hatred and destruction???/.

    • Most of what you say is true, Tom442, but there really ARE people who are genuine refugees and are double hurt by being driven from their homes and even their native country by these followers of the Moon god, Allah. We all know the moon, although at times bright enough to read a newspaper or maybe even a Bible by, is still only a reflection of the Sun. In other words it only mirrors the original. Likewise, Allah is an opposite natured reflection of Almighty God. While God does demand a penalty for disobedience to His commandments as our Creator, He is, overall, a God of Creation and of LOVE.
      As is demonstrated by the countries under the crescent moon flag and others, the word love is predominantly self-centered toward the man and the woman is a nothing to be trampled on, used and abused as he wishes. Children must obey instantly and without sass-back or argument or they can be severely punished or killed with no penalty to the father. Maiming of children and shoplifters is similar. A shoplifter may have fingers or even a hand cut off. As Tom says, the Muslim religion is killing and following a false god of hatred and destruction.
      I feel sorry for the genuine refugees who want to escape, whether because they have converted to Christianity, become modernized or simply do not want to have to worry about saying something that might get them in trouble with their religion’s strict rules.

      • dmttbt

        I find it is always better for poor people who are having a bad time to stay in their own country until they have fixed it, not bring it to someone else’s door step. So the bleeding hearts and ultra stupid religious people can take them into their homes. Those who are against abortion are not out here saying yes I will raise these crack addicted children, please take them into your home and don’t force them on everyone else.

  • Raymond Charron

    Disgusting and deplorable. Islam, the ” peaceful and loving” religion of 1001 horror stories. Shameful what they did to thus elderly woman. Haven’t Moslems been taught to respect their elders? I guess not. No morals at all.

    • elmcqueen3

      Obama can take his holy book of peace and tranquility and shove it up his arse.

      • stickichild

        I’m sure it will fit because that arse is stretched lol

    • gonj

      you seem to imply that if it was done to a young woman it would have been less shameful? Shame on you, if this is the case. The world apparently does not want to understand. Islam is a way of life and it is a terrible one to experience and to watch. The western world will have to find a solution to the problems islam brings to it. And the sooner – the better.

      • As a minister dedicated to “The Gospel as Jesus Christ and His First Apostles (including Paul) Would Teach and Preach TODAY,” I know the solution and in instances where missionaries are true to that original gospel, the signs and miracles Jesus Christ promised DO happen and Muslims ARE being converted, but you don’t read about that in the mainstream media.
        One very brief mention that did get aired of a Caliph who left his country to teach Jihad in Syria, read in the Qur’an about things Jesus Christ had done and stopped in Jordan to obtain a Bible. By the time he reached his home, this Caliph had converted and began sharing Christianity. ISIS became aware of the situation and ambushed him. They videoed brutal abuse they did to him finally putting a butcher knife to the back of his neck and telling him to recant and return to Allah. He refused and they turned the sharp edge of the knife to his neck, offering one last chance to recant from Christ to Allah. He refused and though the words were too softly spoken, he appeared to be saying in Arabic, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” they sawed his head off with that actually dull butcher knife.
        ISIS had multiple copies of the video of this brutal martyrdom made with comments warning others not to follow his example. Result, his home community and a nearby one have Christian Church signs over the door of former mosques! Both communities are near 100 percent Christian now.

        • Barbara J. Ferraro

          Many Muslims are receiving visits from Jesus through their dreams and visions. God is preparing the way for those who need to have Jesus in their lives.

          • dmttbt

            You are a sick individual and I am only happy that you are not in a position of authority.

        • dmttbt

          Bull s hit! I suppose we are to sit back while they invade our country and we convert them to Christianity. We can’t even convert me to Christianity. If you think they are going to give up being a Muslim you have lost your mind.

      • stickichild

        Oh please he didn’t insinuate anything of the kind , get with it silly !!!!

      • Barbara J. Ferraro

        Don’t worry, God has it covered, although probably not in the way most people would want to see it done.

      • dmttbt

        What? Now you want to squabble over if it was a young woman or an older woman. How petty and ignorant.

      • dmttbt

        They have no shame. They will not police their own because they are either afraid or agree with what is done. How stupid can we be to wait on Jesus to enter their dreams and convert them. Holy Crap. Dead man walking.

    • SDofAZ

      And we are letting them in our country. Time to fire the members of congress who allowed them in unvetted. Since they will not stop BO, the least we can do is give them their pink slips as they run for reelection!

      • dmttbt

        Amen and I only mean that as affirmative. When people say the refugee should be vetted before they are let into this country, what are they talking about? Are we going to have them file an application and take their word for whatever they put down? Do they even speak the same language that we do? Was Obama vetted before he became president? Did he say his parents were communist and that his grandparents were communist, both sets? Why would we the tax paying people believe anything the politicians say? About anything?

  • Elizabeth Davis

    And why are we giving Egypt money.

    • I think the most complete answer lies in the ashes of Ambassador Steven’s briefcase in Benghazi, as the illegal POTUS and SoS thought would solve their problem. POTUS GAVE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD OF EGYPT $1.5 Billion to overthrow Moderate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and replace him with Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi. Morsi was president for only 13 of the bloodiest months of recent history in Egypt and thousands of Christians, Jews, other religions and even modernized Muslims were beheaded or crucified. He was removed by the Egyptian military underarmy chief General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and subsequently, Egyptian Intelligence uncovered the evidence of the Obama TREASON in the $1.5 Billion to MB to overthrow Mubarak and another $1.5 Billion to Obama’s MB brother in Kenya. That information was released to Reuters.

      • Elizabeth Davis

        Great reply! but how many blind people will see this. They can’t hear either or think for themselves

        • dmttbt

          The statement you just made makes no sense at all. It must be over my head. I don’t know how we got the deaf and blind people into the conversation.

          • Elizabeth Davis

            You are one of them you choose not to see or hear that is what I am talking about Wake up and look around to see what is happening to our country

      • Pete

        Obamas actions were predictable, look at his upbringing.

        A look at the historic background of Obama will give insight into his mental processes. First his mother was an admitted
        Marxist, His maternal grandparents were Socialists. His stepfather was an Indonesian Muslim. He was returned to Hawaii at the age of 9 where he lived with his grandparents and was mentored by, mentioned in his own book, a man named Frank. Frank Marshall Davis, a forceful outspoken Marxist journalist was a friend of his grandfather and a frequent visitor. He attended a Church who’s doctrine was basically replacement theology. Replacement Theology holds that the Jewish people were abandoned by God and replaced with a current replacement group. In the case of Rev Jeremiah Wright (Obamas Pastor for two decades) the church he pastors.

        With this background it’s easy to see that Obama doesn’t consider Jews or Christians in general to be of any lasting value to mankind and so they are a tool to be used to his advantage and thrown away when no longer useful.

        • dmttbt

          With all the things you say being true, how did we wind up with Obama as a 2 term president? Either the election system is crooked or we have a huge amount of idiots who vote. Page 261 of Obama’s own book says he will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

  • jlcham

    The simpy cowards. It would take 300 grown men to do this. Any less and the woman probably would have whipped their a$$#$.

  • BILL3000

    1776 Coalition has no SHAME about the Lies,Paranoia-Mongering Propaganda,and Total Shit they publish.

    • raffaelecafagna

      and …… YOU UP-Voted yourself

      • Ramon1710 .

        Well, no one else would. Plus, he proves he’s right by the fact they published him,.

        • raffaelecafagna

          Ramon ; no one will , just because of your Language directed to judge 45colt and 1776 Coalition .
          You said : judge45colt is the type of “right”-Wing Moron …..
          judge 45 did not call you names nor was talking to you . It is nothing but a simple polite conversation , but …………………………..

          • Ramon1710 .

            You seem a bit confused. Bill3000 (not I) said judge45colt is a right-wing moron, along with insulting 1776.

          • raffaelecafagna

            Sorry , I screwed up and I take it back .
            Bill3000 up-voted himself twice and insulted 45colt and 1776 . Please accept my apology . Thanks.

          • Ramon1710 .

            No problem. If CAIR sent Bill3000 here to troll, they sent him to the wrong place. The crowd here is too politically enlightened to take his juvenile Saul Alinsky style spews as more than a bad joke.

    • ajareins

      Ahhh and ibama and the Arab scum are you’re idols? Yes they’re the ones you choose to believe You’re a sad excuse for a human. Also. As a bit of advise. You might want to change that photo. That is one butt ugly group of people. And they’re all white. You must be a rascist huh billy boy?


  • judge45colt

    this is what the oscumbler calls peaceful religion

    • BILL3000

      judge45colt is the type of “right”-Wing Moron who believes the Shit spread by 1776 Coalition.

      • raffaelecafagna

        and ……..YOU UP-Voted yourself

        • Elaine

          BILL3000 is a liberal troll who stalks these sites regularly. Check his comment history and see just how many have only one upvote … from guess who.

          • raffaelecafagna

            Yes Indeed : BILL3000 is a leftist liberal uninformed and very confused paid troll coming here to pollute a decent conversation . BILL3000 is a miserable person .

          • elmcqueen3

            He’s also has s#it for brains.

          • ajareins

            Calling him/she/ it a leftist liberal is a compliment. How about a moronic neo-nazi with the IQ of a bug?

          • raffaelecafagna

            OK. with me .

        • ajareins

          No one else will except maybe obama

      • judge45colt

        only when it just happens to be true
        I know you left winggers don’t know what the truth is , even if it were smack you in the face

      • Yeah, Bill3000 is the fruitcake one! Nutty!
        Most of what 1776 Coalition puts on line checks with other very provable facts. Bill3000’s use of the vulgar word for defecation in a vulgar way shows his crudeness and lack of knowledge.


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