France’s Hollande heads to Russia hoping for Syria breakthrough

by JOHN IRISH  |  published on November 26, 2015

France’s president heads to Moscow on Thursday to try to win concessions from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to fight Islamic State and press on with a political solution in Syria, but diplomats warn that major differences will make a breakthrough difficult.

President Francois Hollande will meet Putin as part of a diplomatic push for improved international cooperation against Islamic State following attacks by the militant group that killed 130 people in Paris on Nov. 13.

But having agreed with U.S President Barack Obama on Tuesday to scale up military operations against the group, French officials are playing down the prospect of achieving Hollande’s initial calls for a grand coalition against IS that would include Russia and the United States.

  • Kent2012

    went home empty handed from the oral office….wait just a cotton picking minute kenyan boyo may have given him a set of golf clubs and a new golf cart…

  • HappyHuntress

    Obama will be of no help except to ISIS. He refuses to harm his Muslim brothers. It is a sad day when France must go to Russia for support against terrorists instead of the United States.

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