Iran arrests eight for producing ‘obscene’ music videos

by AFP  |  published on May 29, 2016

Iran has arrested eight people involved in producing “obscene” music videos, Tehran prosecutor general Abbas Jafarabadi told the judiciary’s news agency Mizan Online on Saturday.

“Eight people producing obscene music videos, whose clips were broadcast on a famous anti-revolutionary television channel, were arrested in Tehran last week,” he said.

Their charges will be reviewed by the special court of culture and media, he added.

Dozens of Farsi-language television channels are broadcast on satellite, all based outside Iran. Some air news programmes while others show only music videos, television series and movies.

  • studi30

    Were they getting a RAP station?

  • James

    Let the liberals in America take note; this is what their ‘religion of peace’ is all about, total censorship.

    • exoticdoc2

      Problem is, that’s also what liberals are all about. They try to shut down and silence anyone that disagrees with their wacko viewpoint.

      • James

        You seem to have missed my point; I was talking about TOTAL censorship, They will squeal like the pigs they are when they can no longer voice their objection to a group which is anti-feminism; anti-gay; anti-liberal. These idiots who are so determined to censor conservatives will be the biggest whiners when they can’t express their objections openly!

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