Iran denies it fired rockets near U.S. warship in Gulf

by Reuters  |  published on January 1, 2016

Iran denied on Thursday that its Revolutionary Guards launched rockets near a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf on Saturday and condemned U.S. plans for new sanctions over its ballistic missile program.

The dispute comes after Iran and six world powers, including the United States, reached a deal in July that will remove certain U.S., European Union and U.N. sanctions on Tehran in exchange for Iran accepting curbs on its nuclear program.

“The naval forces of the Guards have not had any exercises in the Strait of Hormuz during the past week and the period claimed by the Americans for them to have launched missiles and rockets,” the Revolutionary Guards website quoted Ramezan Sharif, the Guard’s spokesman, as saying.

  • BHR

    Iran said, Thursday in the news, that they gave the ship a 20 minute warning before they fired. Now, they are saying they did not fire, how stupid does Iran think the world is?

  • USNavyPatriot

    The time to make rubble of major cities in Iran has passed. The 4 largest cities to go will be Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz and Isfahan. Iran Glowing In The Dark coming to a theater near you in 2017.

  • ADRoberts

    Simple. Iran knows they have a muslim in our Presidency. He is not a coward. He is complicit. And this is just the first action to show to the world that Obama will NOT DEFEND AMERICA or anyone else.
    Just like he is NOT trying to defeat ISIS.

  • Hillaryoncrack

    The Naval Commander of that fleet should have launched his nukes from the subs at Iran. It could have been a good start for a much needed military coup. This was clearly a provocation by Tehran.

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