Iran pushes for end to arms embargo in nuke deal

by GEORGE JAHN |  |  published on July 7, 2015

Frank Walter Steinmeier, Laurent Fabius, Wang Yi, Federica Mogherini, John Kerry, Philip Hammond, Sergey LavrovVIENNA — A day before the new deadline for a nuclear accord, Iran pushed Monday to lift the U.N. arms embargo on the country as a parallel deal — a demand that the United States opposes as it seeks to limit Tehran’s Mideast clout.

Speaking on the eve of a belated target date for a complete agreement, a senior Iranian official said his country and the six world powers it is negotiating with are also working on a U.N. resolution that endorses any future nuclear deal.

Lifting the arms embargo would be separate from a long-term accord that foresees limits on Iran’s nuclear programs in exchange for relief from crippling sanctions on the Islamic Republic. But Iran also sees existing U.N. resolutions imposed on Iran’s nuclear program and the accompanying sanctions as unjust and illegal. It has insisted that those resolutions be lifted since the start of international negotiations nearly a decade ago to limit its nuclear-arms making capability.

  • No deal unless they also bow down and allow inspections! No Inspections, no lifting of sanctions! Screw these satan worshiping Islamic Pigs of Iran! Course, we also have a Muslim in our White House, a Jihadist in a Suit, and about as intelligent as a monkey on dope, who will bow down to the Iranians because he is a cowardly Queer and so is the Sec of State, who was nothing but a Coward in Viet Nam! We need a cleansing of our government and population, rid ourselves of all Muslims, Leftists, and godless Democrats! Our nation needs to pray that Obama’s obituary goes to print soon! Now that will be a wonderfully blessed day for our Nation when we can read about the Death of a Tyrant!

  • John Arribas

    Iranians have jerked these foolish sorryass negotiators for thirteen years It is so incomprehensible to claim they have any cojones or brains.

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