Isis claims it could buy its first nuclear weapon from Pakistan within a year

by HEATHER SAUL  |  published on May 23, 2015


Isis has used the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq to suggest the group is expanding so rapidly it could buy its first nuclear weapon within a year.

The hyperbolic article, which the group attributes to the British hostage John Cantlie, claims Isis has transcended its roots as “the most explosive Islamic ‘group’ in the modern world” to evolve into “the most explosive Islamic movement the modern world has ever seen” in less than twelve months.

Photojournalist Cantlie is regularly used in the terror group’s propaganda and has appeared in a number of videos, including a YouTube series called “Lend Me Your Ears”. He has been held a hostage by Isis for more than two years.

  • Bob Stewart

    Probably true and Iran could buy nuclear equipment and material from Russia and North Korea also. So our little negotiation means nothing as to whether Iran gets a nuke. If they don’t have one now, they can have one whenever they want. The only way to stop them is to blast them to hell and let Allah sort it out.

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