Islamic State battles insurgents as Syria army prepares assault

October 15, 2015

Islamic State militants battled rival insurgent groups on Wednesday north of the city of Aleppo, where officials say the Syrian army is preparing an offensive of its own backed by Iranian soldiers and Russian jets.

A rebel fighter and a group monitoring the war said Islamic State fighters took control of parts of the towns of Ahras and Tel Jabin, about 12 km (8 miles) north of Aleppo, before being pushed back.

Gains by Islamic State north of Aleppo would threaten the supply lines of rival rebels inside the city, which is divided between insurgents and government forces. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the road used by Aleppo residents heading north to the Turkish border remained closed on Wednesday.

  • jdbixii

    Isn’t it remarkable how the major religions of the world, Christianity and Islam, both having root in the Middle East, the cradle of civilization, and both purporting to contain, in Scripture, the revealed truth of God, have fighting to live for and the means to lose. This, after 5,000 years of recorded history. What are we missing here?

    • SDofAZ

      Good point. And so unanswerable since all views have their own perspective.

  • Kick Butt, Putin! Truly a sad day when Putin is respected more than our own President, but of course, once we have an “American” back in the Oval Office, that will change! Putin makes Obama look like the cowardly homo wimp that he truly is! TRUMP 2016!

    • SDofAZ

      Russia back in the middle east. The last time they got their butts kicked but who knows now. At least Putin is stepping into the miasma. BO has done pretty much nothing to his JV team. Nor has he done anything for the Christians being slaughtered. What a prez! Glad his time to questionably serve this country is nearing its end.
      He has been quite revealing about where the gaps in our laws are, how bad our congress is, and how worthless our judicial branch is. All are permeated with either weak individuals or just plain traitors. And all should be held accountable by our new prez.
      We need to vote out all the dem lemmings and rinos running in 2016 too with conservative to facilitate the changes Trump preferably or Carson or both will have to make. The legal citizens of this country comprising the now fully enraged silent majority are FED UP in every way including leaving this mess behind with the total stupid withdrawal BO, Hillary and this administration are fully responsible for!
      It is interesting how the military left everything behind for ISIS to use. Does anyone doubt BO considered this a gift to the group he called the JV? If it could not be removed at the least it should have been destroyed. What a joke the military and BO were at that point in time. Never ever leave behind your fighting equipment should be point one in the manual for leaving a combat area. BO and our military knew full well the Iraq forces and those in Afghanistan were not going to hold anything.
      Again the dems show that they still believe we are all idiots in this country and will believe their lies and excuses. NOT! Vote these fools out, it is time to clean the vermin out of our government.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that Obama and Hillary both helped Arm and Fund ISIS from Bengazi, that is why Stevens had to die, he was going to blow their treacherous and treasonous dealings! All Arms, including 400 Surface to Air Missiles and $6 Billion missing from Hillary’s State Department tells a lot! I am fully confident that Trey Gowdy will end up putting Hillary in prison, hopefully, by 2017, unless the treasonous RINO scum stop him. Both Obama and Hillary need to be in Gitmo, being Water Boarded for info, while awaiting Execution for Treason! Both are the most evil criminal elements within our government today and we need to do a thourouh cleansing of our government and nation!

        • SDofAZ

          There is a reason this stuff appears to be done in the dark and then hidden. Just like Fast and Furious and the Lois IRS scandals. Who knows what else is being hidden. Judging by the actions of this administration, only one of their freeloader dem lemmings would not believe this scenario was possible. That equipment was abandoned and looks like the JV team of ISIS per BOs own words snapped it up. These two could easily be further involved in the evolution of those monsters and really trying hard to bury their involvment. We already know the Clinton’s friends tend to die mysteriously since Arkansas. There is more to this than might ever be brought to the light. Go Gowdy is my thought. He is a good person to push this along. Too bad the congress and the FBI are hindered obviously by the prez, the chief law enforcement officer of this country and apparently the biggest criminal in the country. Is that not ironic?

          • Yes, these are the things we do know about, scary to think of the ones we do not know about, that are hidden! Obama started his corruption from the getgo, in 2009, as soon as the perverted boy took over. I hear many people complaining about Trey Gowdy because it is taking so long, and that is not his fault. If the Clintons, State Dept, and Obama’s lapdogs would hand over the material he asks for instead of stonewalling, he would be much further along, but one thing Mr Gowdy is, and that is patient and he does get to the truth, sooner or later! Mr Gowdy had never lost a case, and I don’t expect him to lose this one either. Would love to see Gowdy as our next AG, with free reign to clean up all corruption in DC, on both sides of the isle! Don’t you know there would be a scramble in DC for rocks to hide under, lol!

          • SDofAZ

            I always dug deep for discovery. Gowdy is the right man to dig this out. Sooner or later, things done in the dark do come to light and that will include a lot more than we currently know about now with this non transparent lying administration. The real issue is what will be done to those criminals when the truth and details do surface. I sincerely hope none of them are given get out of jail free passes but you know congress especially these days!


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