Islamic State is turning churches into torture chambers in Iraq and Syria

by ARIEL COHEN | Jeruslaem Post  |  published on June 26, 2015

An Iraqi Christian refugee girl holds a souvenir of the Holy Family as a boy looks on at a church in HazmiyehThe Islamic State (IS) is turning Christian churches in Syria and Iraq into torture chambers and selling stolen holy artifacts on the black market in the process, according to recent reports.

IS has been utilizing routes for moving oil and weapons to smuggle stolen ancient relics from churches into their “caliphate,” and then sell them on the black market for profit.

These stolen church artifacts and antiques are sold to western collectors to help fund the terrorist organization. IS has collected 23 million pounds from the sale of pilfered artifacts from churches in Nabaq, according to a report by The Christian Post.

  • curtmavi38

    Obama does not have time to settle with ISIS he has more to do here in America to destroy it. We have majorities in the house and senate now is the time to start impeachment proceeding against Obama and get him the hell out of Dodge before we have no country left. These 2 decisions by our fantastic supreme(corrupt) court ought to light a fire under every republican and every
    red bloodied American to rise up and be heard. Let’s get America back where she belongs under the care of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. meh

  • James Allen Wyatt

    Obama brothers and sisters pagan god worshipers following their god, Satan, directives and are ‘turning up their totally satanic activities in ever area imaginable.

  • Luke

    isil is being aided by this muslim administration

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