Islamic State kills 22 in attacks on Yemen government, Gulf troops, mosque

by MOHAMMED MUKHASHAF | Reuters  |  published on October 7, 2015

Islamic State suicide bombers killed 22 people in attacks on Yemen’s government and its Gulf Arab coalition ally in the port city of Aden and on a Houthi-run mosque in the capital Sanaa on Tuesday, the jihadist group and state media said.

It was the first known direct Islamic State assault on the Yemeni government and the Saudi-led coalition that intervened in the country’s civil war in March against Iranian-backed Houthi forces who had seized large areas of the country to that point.

Four coordinated Islamic State suicide bombings killed 11 Yemeni and four United Arab Emirates soldiers in Aden, Yemeni officials and the UAE state news agency said.

  • Pam

    Too bad we can’t just pull the patriotic U.S. citizens and the Christians (and other countries call back their citizens) out of the middle east and just let them kill each other off.

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