Israeli leader heads to Washington as spokesman draws fire

by Josef Federman, Associated Press  |  published on November 9, 2015

Israel’s prime minister on Sunday departed for Washington on a trip that has become clouded in controversy following his appointment of a new spokesman who has spoken derisively about President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trip to the White House comes at a sensitive time for Israel, which is still reeling from the international community’s nuclear deal with arch-enemy Iran and a wave of Palestinian violence that shows no signs of ending.

But as Netanyahu departed for Washington, attention remained focused on his appointment of Ran Baratz, a conservative commentator who has suggested in Facebook posts that Obama is anti-Semitic and Secretary of State John Kerry cannot be taken seriously.

  • ADRoberts

    Why does anyone pay attention to Obama. He treats Netanyahu like feces and then they get mad when he points out his actions.
    Get it?
    Obama acts like Hitler.

  • teaman

    Obama, the Executive Anus, is more than anti-Semitic, he, just like his brother, is a member of the Muslim Brother(hood) a terrorist outfit.

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