Israeli-Palestinian clashes persist as diplomats push for peace

by MAAYAN LUBELL | Reuters  |  published on October 24, 2015

Stone-throwing Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and in the Gaza Strip during “Day of Rage” protests on Friday while diplomats tried to end more than three weeks of bloodshed.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he was cautiously optimistic there was a way to defuse tensions after holding four hours of talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Berlin on Thursday.

Israeli authorities also lifted restrictions on Friday that had banned men aged under 40 from using the flashpoint al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s walled Old City – a move seen as a bid to ease Muslim anger.

  • ADRoberts

    There are some people who you simply cannot please.
    Those blacks who belong to #blacklivesmatter are one such group. They get angry if you say that ALL lives matter, because they DON’T believe that
    Palestinians are another such group. The ONLY way they will stop killing is if all Jews in the world were dead. And I believe that even that might not stop them; they are so focused on death.

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