Members of bin Laden family die in small plane crash, Saudi ambassador says

by  |  published on August 1, 2015

Family members of former Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden were killed in a private plane crash in southern England, a Saudi ambassador said on Saturday, without identifying the dead.

Prince Mohammed Bin Nawaf Bin Abdel-Aziz, the Saudi ambassador to Britain, offered his condolences to the wealthy bin Laden family, who own a major construction company in Saudi Arabia.

“The embassy will follow up on the incident and its circumstances with the concerned British authorities and work on speeding up the handover of the bodies of the victims to the kingdom for prayer and burial,” the ambassador said in a statement tweeted by the embassy late Friday.

  • CharlieSeattle

    and W Bush was not on board? Damnn

  • Cody Baker

    If it was a SMALL plane, with as much $$$$ as they apparently have, seems as though they could have had a much bigger plane.

  • jdbixii

    Perhaps, it was an act of God….not probable that it was an act of Allah. Then, there is always human error.

  • carpkiller

    They will be going to where ever he is hidden out. He did not get dropped in the ocean.

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