Mexico fights back against ‘The Clown’

May 14, 2016

Donald Trump has spent his entire presidential campaign warning against the dangers of Mexican immigrants stealing American jobs, raping women and hauling drugs across the border.

Now, Mexico is fighting back.

Mexican officials are pursuing a counteroffensive to Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, reaching out to U.S. business leaders, looking at ways to better use social media, and even encouraging qualified Mexicans to get U.S. citizenship. But they’re also trying to stay sensitive about taking more high-profile steps, such as running TV ads in an already overheated presidential race that promote Mexico as a friendly, vibrant neighbor and not a cesspool of criminals.

“We think that right now, in this phase where there is an electoral process going on, something that we should really do is stay out of it. An advertising campaign at this particular moment could just add confusion,” José Paulo Carreño King, Mexico’s new undersecretary for North America, said in an interview with POLITICO.

  • juniemoon

    A “counteroffensive” to Trump!?? LOL, LOL. Just try it Mexico, you damn wetbacks!!

  • Charles Reed

    I am sure Mexico would welcome me if I sneak in without a passport, and took a job.

  • uhptony

    Thank you.

  • stan lee

    Mexican officials have to put up a defense about their countrymen who are illegal entrants to the USA. All they need to do to increase their political popularity is bad-mouth what Trump has said.. But, how are they going to deny Trump’s accusations? They can’t!

    Trump has the numbers of reports, complaints, and arrests.

    When he stated, that in many cases, we are on the receiving end of Mexico’s worst actors, that cannot be denied. Obviously, if they’re fleeing Mexico, the reason could be police seeking to arrest them. If they applied legally to enter USA, and identified themselves truly, it would be very possible to develop Mexico-based crimes for which they’re wanted. That’s a reason for illegal entry into USA without any reference to prior criminal records.

  • Ken says

    For 50 years Mexico has progressed from a depressed Country to a 3rd World Country. The USA should offer the same Immigration policy to the applicants from Mexico that Mexico offers to US Citizens that want to immigrate to Mexico. Must be self supporting – can not own property – must declare all assets – have to buy citizenship if it is available + an unending list of what you can and can’t do. If you violate the Immigration Policy you are deported without any of your assets. Mexico is operated by the Drug cartels. Welfare is virtually nonexistent. It is a function of the Churches and charities. They rake off money from Illegals South of Mexico and usher them quickly through Mexico and across the US border.

    Build the wall – arm the Border Patrol – THEN load all the Illegal Criminal Immigrants in buses and deposit them across the border into Mexico. Screw this send them back to “their Country of Origin” – the Illegals came here from Mexico – with the help of Mexico – if Mexico doesn’t want them let them do the country of origin expense. That may be something the UN would be useful at: helping Mexico settle their returned Illegals instead of meddling in USA politics.

  • Warren

    Did you Mexicans see how obama was treated when he tried to tell the British what to do regarding the EU Pay attention ! You will be sorry when Trump is President he does not take kindly to criticism your not going to get off easy going to cost you big time.

  • itsfun

    Mexico must think we said: send us your rapist, murderers, gangs, drugs because that is what is coming here.

  • Climax

    Perhaps Mexican Officials should think twice about supporting the continued illegal activity of their citizens before the border is sealed between the two countries as future immigration may be shut off completely and most Americans could care less about the Mexicans. A great share of them cause more trouble than they are worth, and one rotten one spoils the whole barrel full of them.

  • Terry Rushing

    I find it extremely irritating to see all the illegals strolling through Walmart with all their little “burritos” in tow and jabbering in that hokey language of theirs, projecting the attitude that they are where they belong. If I had my way I’d load them up, take them to the border and head them south with a sign hung around them saying, “No you can’t!” Since Mexico seems to hold such an interest in them, let Mexico feed tham.

  • Chuck

    What is galling is that we give millions in foreign aid to this lawless excuse for a country every year. Why? For what purpose? Stop it and the money could be used for increased border agents and the wall.
    Mexico should be giving aid to us for caring for the millions of illegals who are bankrupting our social network designed to help real Americans–and it is over used and politically corrupt.

  • snowyriver

    it is easy to see that 1776 Coalition is all for the Beast of Benghazi to be our next president.

    • Ken says

      A strange thing to say – I guess Tramp Hillary’s Trolls say what they are paid to say. Trump vs Tramp – TRUMP 2016

  • SDofAZ

    Yup, Mexico in US politics. That alone is so comforting. Any official or business person doing any backdoor stuff should be labeled a traitor. Boycott the businesses and fire or impeach the politicians. You can stop buying Ping stuff right now. And if Ford goes south the no fords.

    Pelosi is already quite into this Mexico crap and she is running this year. Fire her. And we in AZ are going to give McCain a big good bye. Kelli Ward is a republican and a conservative. Vote for her.

    And come here legally or do not come at all to the illegal aliens. You will be deported. Your welfare spigot will be stopped. Employers will use e-verify and those who don’t will be punished severely. The ones who do not leave will be found and deported or jailed. Good bye illegal aliens.

    • Terry Rushing

      McCain is long past due for retirement, especially as a “republican”. If he stays he should at least have the honesty to proclaim himself as a “democrat.”

  • Raymond Charron

    Mexico needs to stay out of america’s politics. It’s a fact the only illegals coming in from Mexico are the dirt they don’t want. They come here, murder, rape, take jobs and get on welfare. We are too free with our money.

    • HENRI


  • David in MA

    Mexico should stay out of other countries issues and clean up their own country.

  • Rodney Steward

    So now we are to believe that the cesspool coming across the southern border is as sweet and innocent as the cesspool of sand coming over hear as refugees! Sorry, it ain’t working!!

  • uhptony

    I have but 2 words for mexico, something that all Mexicans legal or illegal can understand.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rodney Steward

      🙂 🙂 :-)……………….

    • HENRI



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