Migrant crisis: Greece to start returns to Turkey

by BBC  |  published on April 4, 2016

Greece is to start returning migrants to Turkey under an EU deal, despite fears over a lack of preparations and criticism from campaigners.

The agreement is aimed at easing the uncontrolled movement of people into Western Europe, many of whom take the dangerous sea route across the Aegean.

The operation is due to begin on Monday on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Turkish officials said they expected to receive around 500 people. They are due to be hosted in Dikili, western Turkey.

  • onefour

    All countries need to return ALL people that enter their country illegally. It is for the health of the invaded country. These men need to start fighting for their own county not run like cowards to another one

  • Vietvet1968

    They should be sending them all the way back to their Muslim or Arab country of origin. The USA should be doing the same.

  • Ken says

    Just like the USA should do. Send illegal immigrant back across the border they entered the Country – Greece is facing bankruptcy because of their uncontrolled Social Debt. The last thing they need is more debt.

    Hmmmm – sort of sounds like the USA

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