NATO ministers approve new reinforcements for eastern Europe

by Associated Press  |  published on February 11, 2016

NATO defense ministers on Wednesday approved new multinational reinforcements to beef up defenses of frontline alliance members most at risk from Russia, the alliance’s secretary-general announced.

Jens Stoltenberg said the plan adopted by the United States and NATO’s 27 other members calls for the use of troops from multiple countries who rotate in and out of eastern European member states rather than being permanently based there.

He said military planners will make recommendations on the number and composition of troops needed this spring.

The soldiers “will be multinational to make clear that an attack against one ally is any attack against all allies and that the alliance as a whole will respond,” Stoltenberg told a news conference following the first session of the two-day defense ministers’ meeting.

Getting firm commitments, or even deciding how many NATO troops should be rotated eastward, may take time, however.

  • ADRoberts

    This shows a lack of understanding. Russia is no threat at all compared to the muslim invasion. Time to set up internment camps and a conveyor belt to move them back to their deserts. You will have to have a wash system on the belt to remove all the feces as they will poop anywhere.

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