‘No Bashar al-Assad in the future’, says Saudi foreign minister: report

February 13, 2016

Bashar al-Assad will not be ruling Syria in the future and Russia’s military interventions will not help him stay in power, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told a German newspaper in an interview published on Saturday.

“There will be no Bashar al-Assad in the future,” al-Jubeir told newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

“It might take three months, it might take six months or three years – but he will no longer carry responsibility for Syria. Period.”

Saying that the Syrian people’s determination to topple al-Assad was unbroken despite heavy Russian air strikes and persecution within the country, al-Jubeir criticized Russia’s involvement in the five-year-long war.

  • carpkiller

    I will have to see that before I believe it.Assad is the best friend we have over there.

  • ADRoberts

    Sounds very much like Saudi Arabia is flexing its muscles and wants to take control of other nations. Do you wonder if they will stop with Syria? The answer is NO. I can guarantee you that they WILL make all efforts to conquer and control America. They are just another face of Islam.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    ” Syrian people’s determination to topple al-Assad was unbroken” Really??
    The Syrian People, if in fact it was just the Syrian People, then we would not be where we are today.
    This upheaval was caused by U S Government interference, and meddling. It began with Bush 1, and his New World Order, continued under Clinton, pushed foreword by Bush 2, then enhanced by Obama.
    This whole thing was and is a set up for a major war. Think not? Then ask yourselves Why did the U S begin a campaign, under Bush 1 to get Saddam, and Khadafy? These two guys were brutal, but they kept Islamic radicles in check. Clinton, figuratively speaking, fired a rocket through Khadafy’s tent. Granted Saddam gave Bush 1 a valid reason when he invades Saudi territory. Clinton got “tuff” with Khadafy. Bush 2 comes along finishes Saddam off, again with apparent cause. Next in this fiasco is Obama, who enhances everything laid down by both Bushes, and Clinton. Obama, and others create “Arab Spring” if you believe this had anything at all to do with freedom and democracy, and was spontaneous, then I have a bridge in Brooklynn for sale just for you. So, Saddam is gone, Khadafy is taken out. Mubarak is removed from power, and Assad is next on the hit list. Odd isn’t it, that everyone of those guys had held Islamic Radicles in check. maintained a balance, and had managed to maintain a relative peace. Odd too that Iran was and still is playing everyone against the middle, they do head the Muslim Brotherhood, they want to be the head honcho over there, and Obama is helping them. Obama had a hand installing Morsi in Egypt, A Muslim Brother hood guy who ran to Iran when the people of Egypt rose up against this guy, then when 20 million Egyptians hit the streets, had Morsi removed, Obama has a hissy fit. Whaaa says Obama, Morsi was elected. Sure he was, under false pretence, that the Egyptians were no longer going to put up with. So, Obama, and his administration continue their effort to remove Assad, arms the “rebels” who are for the most part Soldiers/Warriors of and for Islam, all tied to the Muslim Brother Hood, headed and controlled by Iran. Russia sees the writing on the wall, sees what this administration is planning, then steps in. Why does Obama and company want the Muslim Brother Hood to rule the entire Middle-East.
    Odd too that this Saudi minister, whose country is deathly afraid of, These warriors for Islam, and Iran, would all of a sudden, be on the side of these so-called “rebels” who are headed their way, Gee, may be if they play up to Obama, they will be exempted. Sure Thing!!

    • ADRoberts

      All of those mentioned seem to be ONE WORLD ORDER. And it would appear that for them to take control of the world, they MUST create enough anarchy and chaos, so they can then step forward, offer to “SAVE” us if we will just give up our freedoms and liberties.


      And if you could look closely enough, you would find that TRUMP is one of them.

      • Richard Hendrickson

        Bob Dylan song lyric, “everyone has to serve someone” no cruz no rubio no sander no clinton

        • ADRoberts

          Of those FOUR, which do you think is most likely to be serving GOD?
          We know that it is not Clinton, the angel of death, or Sanders, the atheistic communist.
          And IF you understood the deception of Trump, you would know that he not only has never asked God to forgive him, he also has almost no knowledge of the Bible, even with plenty of time to bone up on it.
          Cruz. YES.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        I don’t believe that Trump is one of them.
        On the New World Order thing, I agree, and I will go a bit further.
        It seems that prior to the days of Jimmy Carter, no-one really seemed to pay attention to Islam, there seemed to be no reason too, other then 1000 and 1 Arabian Nights, Aladdin and his lamp, Ali Baba and his 40 Thieves, and anything else that Hollywood or Disney could bring to the World of Entertainment.
        Keep in mind that the U S had backed the Shah of Iran, helped remove the “I A Tell You So Kook A Mammie” who realized that Cater was a weak minded, and weak willed president. Kook A Mammie was exiled in France at this time, you would think that the French Government would have known better, anyway the Kook made is move from inside France. Muslims hit the streets in Iran, then eventually toppled the Shah, who then came running to the U S. Odd wasn’t it that he was welcomed in the U S, but then just after a few months in, he was demonised by the U S media, and the Carter administration, and all because Carter was just too weak. He thought as most liberals did that he could just make nice to the kook, and everything would be ok. Well it certainly didn’t turn out that way. I think that what did happen is that the world leaders woke up to the Islamic threat, but not the people.
        So now we move into an election year, along comes Regan, a former Democrat, and a leader of some actors union, who is getting bashed at every turn. Called every name under the sun, and is a major under-dog, up in the polls, but still having false, exaggerated, embellished stories told about him, of course this changed. In the meantime Iran takes American hostages, and waits to see who wins the presidency Regan or Carter. Regan sends threats to Iran, Carter plays nice in the sand-box, until he is forced to do something, and he messes that up too. Regan wins the election, then warns Iran release those hostages, or we are coming in. He meant it, and Iran knew it. Anyway the hostages were released just before Regan took office.
        What is my point, it is this, I see this in both Trump and Cruz, but in not other politicians.
        So during the Regan years the realization that Islam is a world wide threat became apparent, didn’t matter what sect they are, what they say, or what they claim. The problem is how do you fight a political agenda hidden under the guise of a so-called religion, that fits every definition of a cult. You have to get the populations of non Islamic countries on side. How do you do that, how do you fight a non descript enemy. One, is to import the problem, let it fester, let it grow, coddle them over your own citizens, give them enough rope to hang themselves. This will create hatred, disdain, intolerance, anger and frustration. Two, you build a visible viable, identifiable enemy, you help them along, until you are ready to take them down. This seems to be working very well. The politicians world wide will eventually be forced to act by the people of various countries. The politicians, can then claim that they were forced to act by their citizens demands. This is going to be a world wide blood bath against Islam.
        So, the New World Order has been planned, manipulated, then executed beginning with Bush 1. There is no way out of this. If we do nothing then Islam in 25 or 30 years wins. If we act, then we must act decisively and in full military action, no holds barred, no innocent civilians, and we are being set to accept that.
        The new world order will be one with-out Islam as we know it. The middle-east will no longer belong to the Arabs. Yes we are going to take it, along with the Russians and the Chinese, this time there will be no giving back or rebuilding as was done at the end of world war 2..
        Putin has set himself up to be the saviour of Christianity in Europe. This meeting the pope had with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cuba, should be an eye-opener. This is Putin’s Church. China has outlawed Islam. The clock is ticking.
        Obama is and has been an embarrassment, he is either a total fake, idiot, or he is doing exactly what he is told to do, in order for this scenario to play out. I think we will be at war with Islam sometime between 2018 and 2020, but no later then 2020, with a Republican president either Trump or Cruz.
        Then we will have to deal with the aftermath here.
        Welcome to The New World Order.

        • ADRoberts

          Carter was not weak. He was just doing what his cohorts told him. And yes, he was and is a Blilderberg who favors muslims and is totally against Israel.
          The muslims are semi-controlled by the elite. As much as they can be controlled. And the intent is to generate chaos and anarchy. The muslims are a vital part of the ONE WORLD ORDER people’s plan.
          Obama is a muslim and he is under control of those very same elite. If he were not a muslim, the muslims would have killed him for leaving that faith. They know that he is one of them as proven by the billions of dollars of armes, he is suppolying them.
          Read the Bible. Look for the end of times and the antichrist. It is all coming about.
          And just in case you care, I believe that Scalia was murdered. Probably KCl. And those Republican who are claiming that it is too short a time to ratify a replacement. They will find an excuse to ratify a radical liberal and the SCOTUS will be set to destroy the Constitution.
          Hide and watch.

    • NotJim

      radicals (sp)

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        thanks, I wonder why spell check didn’t pick that up.


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