Pakistan prime minister vows crackdown on terror following Easter bombing that killed 70

by  |  published on March 29, 2016

Pakistan’s prime minister on Monday vowed to eliminate perpetrators of terror following the Sunday suicide bombing that targeted Christians gathered for Easter in the eastern city of Lahore, killing 70 people and injuring around 300.

In response to the attack, the military reportedly arrested dozens in raids in eastern Punjab, where several deadly militant organizations are headquartered.

And in Lahore, forensic experts sifted through the debris in the park where the suicide attack took place. The bomb had been a crude devise loaded with ball bearings, designed to rip through the bodies of its victims to cause maximum damage, counter-terrorism official Rana Tufail said. He identified the suicide bomber as Mohammed Yusuf, saying he was known as a militant recruiter.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis condemned the deadly bombing, urging prayers to God to “stop the hands of violent people sowing terror and death.”

  • Sara

    Enough already. Hey pope, they’re brainwashed, and someone brainwashed them. Action, not prayer is called for, which is why God gave you free will. Now unbrainwash them. There are no virgins waiting. God doesn’t call for harming anyone except in self defense. They need Zeppelin and bails of Mary Jane drops, not weapons and ammo. Potheads are notoriously impossible to brainwash, which is why the establishment doesn’t like it. It allows free thinking pathways. That’s my counterterrorism tactic.

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