Palestinians set fire to Jewish shrine; Israeli soldier stabbed

by ARI RABINOVITCH | Reuters  |  published on October 17, 2015

Palestinians set fire to a Jewish shrine in the occupied West Bank, and an attacker disguised as a journalist stabbed an Israeli soldier on Friday as tensions ran high after more than two weeks of violence.

Shortly after the arson attack on the tomb of biblical patriarch Joseph, Palestinian protesters threw stones over the border of the Gaza Strip at Israeli forces who fired back, killing two and wounding scores of others in the crowd, Palestinian medical officials said.

The worst outbreak in bloodshed in months has killed at least 37 Palestinians, including attackers and children in assaults and confrontations, and seven Israelis in stabbings and other attacks on buses and in the streets.

  • donemyhomework

    Another good reason to hate Muslims.

  • Philo Dendron

    Got what they asked for didn’t they?

  • niko

    Shoot down every filthy palestinian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teaman


  • jerry

    The Bible tells the Jewish people NOT to share their land; so now their paying the price of not following Gods instructions.

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