by RT.com  |  published on October 3, 2015

T.comOn Thursday, Russian warplanes stationed in Syria attacked a terrorist training camp and a command center, taking it out with a precision strike launched form an altitude of over 5,000 meters, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

The airstrike was one of a dozen conducted by Russia in Syria on Thursday during 18 sorties, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov, the ministry spokesman, told journalists. Advanced Sukhoi Su-25 and Su-34s were used for strikes.

“The targeting systems of those planes allows for hitting ground targets with absolute precision, which was proven yesterday during combat missions targeting ISIS infrastructure,” he said. “We can use this type of aircraft to deliver strikes anywhere in Syria.”

  • Rich

    It looks like the Russians got board waiting for OBAMA to do something and stepped up to the plate themselves. Someone had to. We should probably thank them.

  • teaman

    I don’t know, but maybe Russia notified ISS before they hit the headquarters. Or, maybe Obama, the Manure Spreader, did since he built ISS. Only time will tell. Haven’t seen a report of casualties yet……have you?

  • In two days, Putin has put more of a dent in these Pigs of ISIS than the punk, Hussein Obama, has done in two years! Spot the Enemy, kill the Enemy! But with gay boy Barry, pilots have to call in and get his permission, and then Obama calls his BFF’s in ISIS, warns them so they can leave, then gives permission to bomb an empty building! May Obama be on his last days! May his Obituary bring Joy to Millions!

    • HadEnough

      Thank You Putin, Bring On More !!!

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