Putin says Trump is ‘absolute leader’ in U.S. presidential race

December 18, 2015

Russian President Vladimir Putin found a moment Thursday during a wide-ranging news conference to offer a strong endorsement of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, calling the billionaire presidential candidate the “absolute leader in the presidential race.”

Putin consecrated a budding international bromance between the two men as he commented on the U.S. campaign for the White House, saying that Russia would work with “whomever the American voters choose” but expressing special praise for Trump.

Trump said in October that he would “get along very well” with Putin and applauded the Russian leader for his intervention against the Islamic State in Syria. But until Thursday, Trump’s praise had gone unreciprocated.

  • Cuba
  • Cuba
  • Jack

    “Uh Oh,something is UP.”

  • Faithful American

    Oh, boy…I wonder what Putin has UP his SLEEVE?!

  • DOC

    Good guys not Commies? Really

  • bobnstuff

    Trump loves Putin and Putin loves Trump. Trump could make America Great just like Putin did for Russia. Two peas in a pod.

    • donemyhomework

      I agree, a strong relationship with Russia is tantamount to a stronger America.

      • bobnstuff

        Russia is over rated, their economy is in the dumpster, They have have lots of land but not the population. This isn’t the USSR we are dealing with. Putin is a bully but Russia isn’t the power they once were.

        • Cuba

          Mr. Obama and his cliques have still not understand what RUSSIA means. I am convinced it is the Russians in their blood, nobody from outside will be
          able to invade and occupy Russia. Never. With or without Mr. Putin.

          • bobnstuff

            Very true but you don’t have to invade Russia. Russia is a very big country with a small economy that right now is falling apart. They need money from the west to maintain their standard of living. They only have two things to sell, Oil and natural gas. OPEC has declared war on Russia and are winning. If Europe becomes less dependent on Russian gas Russia losses power. This is how you fight a war with Russia.

          • Cuba

            Complete amateurish disinformation. Basically a stupid attempt to discredit Russia. This garbage only reflects the desperation
            the west faces after its bankrupt policy towards Russia and China. The person writing this post is morally irresponsible, knowingly spreading pure nonsense.

          • bobnstuff

            Let us look at the real world. The Russian economy is about one tenth the size of the US. They have half the population of the US. They would not be a world power if the USSR hadn’t once been one.

            Now look at what has happened in the last few years. Russia has joined the major nations of the world in a treaty with Iran, they are working with others in the fight against ISIL. Putin has had a number of meetings with Obama. If our policies are bankrupt why is Russia showing up at the table? The real world powers are China, India, and the US. As a group we control economy of the world.

          • I Seigel

            And you, Cuba, have not stated ANYTHING to actually refute Bobnstuff’s post. You’ve just attacked him, that’s all. So, other than “I am convinced…”, what actual reasons do you have for believing so strongly in Russia? Put down a few facts, why don’t you?

          • Cuba

            You are usual lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s shill.
            Your job is to deceive American public and to create negative public
            opinion toward Russia in their heads. You conveniently forget that the US economy went into the toilet just a few years ago, the deficit and debt have gone up all the way to Pluto and there are more homeless than ever in American streets. But you may stay delusional if it helps you feel better..★★★★★★★★★★https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/296094ef2073760922934ea0eb662628ce917a4bb349d79c04f5c91ebace28c8.jpg

          • I Seigel

            You have stated some facts about the American economy circa 2007-2008. But you still haven’t stated any facts about how Russia is doing so much better. If you want us to believe you, and believe Russia is superior, prove it. Otherwise, it’s YOU that’s sounding like the Communist shill for a corrupt regime.

          • Cuba

            Yeah, pretty stupid black&white picture of the world, it’s characteristic for autistic children. “We are good and very smart… because we are western people. Russians are evil and blind…. because they are Russians”.I think the US will just disappear from the face of earth any moment. Ancient Babylon lasted for only 86 years.The powerful Persian Empire lasted 208 years, while mighty Rome ruled for nine centuries. The United States of America is 238 years old and counting. Every nation’s days are numbered. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6afeb7adfa8840ac697e268a2fb5dcb39576cc67cc777e24026b32171de8627b.jpg .

          • I Seigel

            What’s the black & white picture? You haven’t really said ANYTHING yet, Cuba. Why not give us a comparison between Russia and the US? Why not point out the lies Americans are told about Russia, and then give us the REAL truths? If you want to educate people about how they have it wrong, you have to be able to provide a different set of information. Go ahead, we’re listening. You can post all sorts of Photoshopped pix of a crumbling US, but try providing some FACTS about how well Russia and Putin are doing.

          • I Seigel

            Awww, Cuba, I’m disappointed that you don’t want to continue this discussion. I was looking forward to learning from you and correcting my misinformation about Russia.

    • I Seigel

      Yes, let’s look at what Putin is doing for – and to – Russia.


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