Report: Russian Military Developing Anti-Drone ‘Microwave Gun’

by CBS DC  |  published on June 18, 2015

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) — The state-owned Russian defense firm, United Instrument Manufacturing Corp., reported to state-owned news site Sputnik that they’d developed a microwave-based weapon they plan to show off privately at the Russian Defense Ministry’s Army-2015 expo June 16-19.

Sputnik describes UIMC’s “microwave gun” as a “super-high-frequency gun capable of deactivating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and the warheads of precision weapons” from a 360-degree, 10-kilometer range.

The microwave-based anti-drone weapon reportedly disables “radio electronics” in drones, including the unmanned vehicle’s cameras, turning any UAV into an aimless projectile.

  • jdbixii

    This is a good thing and to have been expected. Just the idea of government having the capability to be this much of a nuisance is objectionable and a justification for countermeasure ability.

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