Russia to Start Construction On New Iranian Nuke Plant

by Adam Kredo | The Washington Free Beacon  |  published on June 1, 2015

Russia announced on Monday that it would start construction this year on a second nuclear plant in Iran, according to regional reports.

Russia’s Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation made the announcement early on Monday, stating that it will begin building a second nuclear power plant in Iran’s southern region later this year, according to Iran’s state-controlled Fars News Agency.

Meanwhile, an earthquake struck Monday morning near the site of Iran’s current nuclear power plant in Bushehr, near where the second plant will be built.

Iranian media outlets reported the quake as hitting a 4.4 magnitude with no injuries occurring as a result. Iran’s southern region is prone to such incidents.

  • The redhawk

    After Jon EFFEN KERRY, the Balls FREE feckless potus have been giving so many EXTENSION to IRAN, I am Surprised that we haven’t seen a BIG BANG already!

  • What part of the Bible would that be?

  • John VanderKelen

    The Bible strongly links Russia with Iran in eventually attacking Israel. Jesus saves.

  • Tom Jones III

    In my opinion, the US should be building the nuclear plants around the world, not Russia. We may hate Iranian politics, but what better way to curt then as allies than to help build their infrastructure and develop their tastes for American goods? At the end of WW1, the world spit on Germany, leading to the militarization and Nazi party in Germany, hence, WW2. At the end of WW2, we helped rebuild Germany and Japan, leading to the greatest growth in world economy in history. Haven’t we learned to build our enemies and make them our allies yet? Iran should be the same. Why allow Russia to build another friendly state, and why miss the business?

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