Russian Bombers Flew Within 40 Miles of N. California Coast

July 23, 2015

Two Russian nuclear bombers flew within 40 miles of the California coast and one of the pilots relayed a veiled threat during the Fourth of July aerial incident, defense officials said.

“Good morning American pilots, we are here to greet you on your Fourth of July Independence Day,” a Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber crew member stated over the emergency aircraft channel.

Meanwhile, Russia’s across-the-board buildup of nuclear forces and revised doctrine are increasing the danger of a nuclear war, according to a think tank report on nuclear threats.

  • studi30

    If we were at war with Russia, those bombers would never have gotten off Russian soil without being blown to bits.

  • The redhawk

    NOTHING to WORRY here… our BOVINE DROPPING CIC went to NYC , Theater, Dinner and on to Kenya… ( DOES HE KNOW SOMETHING WE DON”T KNOW”? Are we being “MEASURED” by VLAD????
    ALFRED E NEWMAN could not do BETTER than HIM… Remember ” WHAT ME WORRY”????

  • jdbixii

    This is nothing new. It has been going on for more than 50 years. The U.S. and Russia have played this game for decades. It was not common knowledge years ago because it was classified information known only to the intelligence community and its consumers. It is little more than a testing of the air defense systems of both countries.

  • Joe

    It’s all about that yellow line in the sand!!!!

    • studi30

      What about the RED Obozo the Clown line? RED is more appropriate for Communists.

  • carpkiller

    You only need to worry if you see bombers with Russian insigma in all the wrong spots. Those would be obama planes and they will bomb.

  • nana

    If our military would leave them alone at their borders this would’nt happen. Don’t make it sound like Russia is starting this. We already know US started it and Putin announced he would retaliate in like kind.

    • NoCoincidences

      I agree with you, nana..The old addage, “Don’t start none, won’t be none”, is one that the community orgiemaster should have learned a long time ago, considering all the alleged racial hatred directed at him, targeting him specifically and continuously… So now it is time for United States of America ‘PAYBACK’…of course, through his typical instigation of the nation’s ‘rivals’, they strike; by then, he, as usual, has turned tail and run, only to broadcast from an unknown location, shaking that twig of an index finger at the ‘culprit’, vowing there would be a thorough investigation while calling it a miscommunication error.. jpl

  • curtmavi38

    Where was Obama? I bet he was hiding behind the oval desk or maybe he had his head under the pillow of his bed. Have you noticed when there is a crisis it’s hard to find Obama. We have a weak leader who has no backbone unless it is to harass some poor citizen of this country. Obama is a clear and present danger to America IMPEACH HIM NOW11111 MEH

    • NoCoincidences

      0 was too busy rescheduling the Fourth of July because it coinsided with rammedan; he and mo broadcast a ‘happy rammedan’ video around the world to all islamical muslimics.. jpl

    • studi30

      And after the crisis is over, Obozo, using “Don’t let a crisis go to waste”, comes out and capitalizes on it. He looks like a hero to his adoring libterd supporters.

  • Thomas Goss

    If we had a president, he would tell Putin the next time one of his pilots comes that close to American soil, we would shoot it down. But since we don’t have a president with any balls we have to put up with the ILLEGAL MUSLIM LYING HALF BREED PIECE OF SHIT that we do have , FOR NOW ANYWAY.

    • Hgeyer

      I guess you would prefer a president that would violate international laws, start WWIII and assure the nuclear end of the world rather than tolerate the Russian’s doing something that the U.S. does all the time? Typical conservative…. Flying over international waters is NOT a noteworthy event! Get over it warmongers! Why did Russia put missiles in Cuba? Because WE put missiles in Turkey first !

    • Luke

      We have a community organizer who can organize riots against decent Americans, that’s about all that skank amounts to.
      Maybe he will be the next al sharktoon after he is kicked out of the WH.

    • Dicken Sideher

      Hope we can survive another year and half with this homo without passing point of no return from self-destruction!

      • Mindy Robinson

        I would bet you there is a war on our soil before that muslim leaves our wh.

    • Detriotcity

      I think that O would enjoy seeing the Russians set off several warheads against the US. I am sure the headlines by the media on the next day would read: “Obama sends strong message to the Russians that future aggression of the type hitting California yesterday will not be tolerated in the future”. The media continues to report few fatalities after Russian bombs hit the California coast. Some roads were damaged and a few trees were knocked down. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST. THE DEMOCRATS UNDER OBAMA HAVE NO TIES WITH THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. All fifty seven (57) states should stand up and say NO, this is not the way America is going to be.

  • don

    russia sees a weak united states an putin wants all the countrys back under their power that they onced controled


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