Russian Spy Ship Now Off Hawaii, U.S. Navy Protecting ‘Critical Information’

by Sam LaGrone  |  published on July 7, 2016

Moscow has dispatched a specialized spy ship off the coast of Hawaii with the likely mission to monitor the U.S. Navy led Rim of the Pacific 2016 exercise, USNI News has learned.

A Russian Navy Bal’zam-class, “auxiliary general intelligence ship recently arrived in international waters off Hawaii where exercise Rim of the Pacific is taking place,” U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesman Lt. Clint Ramsden told USNI News this week.

“The ship’s presence has not affected the conduct of the exercise and we’ve taken all precautions necessary to protect our critical information.”

While it wasn’t unusual at all in during the Cold War for Russian spy ships to linger off the coast of the U.S. to suck up signals intelligence information or monitor exercises like RIMPAC, the Russians have been lax in their surveillance until recently.

  • Blue 3

    Who cars where they are. If they’d ask we’d have told them whatever they wanted to know. They could have saved the gas. They’re about a hundred bucks over the threshold for being declared a third world nation.

  • justinwachin

    This is what happens when your enemies no longer fear you.

    Hopefully our military will use this as an opportunity to gain information about Russian intelligence gathering. It would also be a good time to provide a large amount of misleading information for Russia to sort through.

  • mort_f

    I can personally vouch for their presence as far back as 1968. But I doubt if that was when it started. In 1968 I worked on the Apollo tracking ships. Those Soviet vessels were off the coast of Boston, Cape Canaveral, Port Hueneme. Those were only the places where I personally saw them, all marking the 12 mile limit. No, I have no personal knowledge of their activity prior to 1968.

    Hopefully, with our new relationship, they will trade vodka for orange juice. It might be mutually beneficial.

  • Discusted

    Obama the Commie invited them to the Hawaiian waters !

    • Nicki Short

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