Saudi-led forces fight Houthi border advance, killing 20: residents

by Reuters  |  published on December 24, 2015

Helicopters and fighter jets belonging to a Saudi-led coalition on Sunday repelled Yemeni Houthi fighters who were pressing a six-day-old offensive to seize Saudi territory, residents and Saudi state television said.

Two residents told Reuters that 20 Houthi fighters had been killed at the southern border of the Saudi provinces of Najran and Jizan, while Saudi state television put the number of Houthi dead at 50.

The Houthis and allied fighters loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh have been trying to capture Saudi territory since March, when a Saudi-led alliance of Gulf states intervened in Yemen to try to reverse the Houthis’ seizure of the capital and restore Saleh’s Gulf-backed successor, President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

  • Daniel Wright

    The Saudi’s deserve everything they get. They are the home of the Wahabi’s. They created the modern Suni terrorist movement. It looks like Frankenstein has turned on his master.

  • Cuba

    Yemen war crimes by Saudis … you don’t hear a word of it in the media. I am certain Saudis pay some of politicians, notably John McCain. One day shit will hit the fan, mark my words.


    • SDofAZ

      That is okay, we in AZ are out to fire McCain in 2016 when he goes for his seventh term in the senate. He is a rino and we are fed up with his lying ways. Old goat needs to retire on his traitor money from the donors. He and Flakey are both gonna go but Flakey will not go for reelection until 2018.

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