Search continues for wreckage from EgyptAir flight as officials probe links to terror

by  |  published on May 20, 2016

An intense search continued Thursday in the Mediterranean Sea off Greece for wreckage of an EgyptAir flight that went down earlier in the day with 66 people on board, as multiple U.S. officials told Fox News that no explosion was detected by infrared satellites in the vicinity of the crash area.

There were conflicting reports throughout the day as to if any debris from the plane was spotted by search crews.

Officials from EgyptAir initially said debris from the plane was found off the Greek island of Karpathos. Athanassios Binis, head of Greece’s Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board, later told state ERT TV that “an assessment of the finds showed that they do not belong to an aircraft,” The Associated Press reported. Binis added that this has been confirmed by Egyptian authorities.

Later in the day, Ahmed Adel, Vice President of EgyptAir, told CNN the debris found Thursday was not from Flight 804.

  • Kent2012

    a few nukes in select areas of the middle east rag land and then a coalition of human beings forming the “Final Crusade” and moving through the middle east like a 357 round through a pound of butter should leave the world with only one group of malcontent aholes…the commie clowns…

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