Seventy Paris airport workers have security passes revoked over extremism fears

by Rory Mulholland  |  published on December 15, 2015

Seventy workers at Paris airports suspected of being radical Islamists have had their security passes revoked since the deadly attacks in the city a month ago.

Security agents have also examined the contents of around 4,000 workers’ lockers at Charles de Gaulle and Orly as the airports authority attempts to weed out any potential terrorists working at the busy transport hubs.

French security sources have said that Islamist militants killed in a police raid in a Paris suburb five days after the November 13 attacks were planning to attack Charles de Gaulle, France’s biggest international airport.

  • reagangs

    OK … Obummer and your minions and sheeple, this is your Que. Get your act together or get the hell out of America. No more Mister Nice Guy from the hard working Patriotic American tax payers. If you don’t like our Beloved America, go to somewhere where you are appreciated. The EU, former USSR, Middle East or Africa may be good. Be sure to take the UN with you.

  • Whitemanfromtown

    Obola will bring them over here and give them jobs with the TSA.

  • VirgoVince

    WHY were they hired, in the first place and WHO ‘cleared’ them for security passes??

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