Taliban, warlords keeps Afghanistan’s vast wealth from hands of Kabul

by FOXNews.com  |  published on October 23, 2015

Deep within the rocky landscape of Afghanistan lies an estimated $1 trillion in mineral wealth — including rubies, emeralds and rare earth minerals — that is enough to fund the nation’s budget at current levels for the next 150 years. But the return of the Taliban is blocking the war-torn nation from tapping the vast resources that could pay for its future.

Kabul planned on earning $1.5 billion from its mineral sector, but with the Taliban resurgent, that number has been scaled way back to just $30 million, Afghanistan’s Mines and Petroleum Minister Daud Shah Saba told Bloomberg News.


    WHY then the American taxpayer is stuck with footing the bill for our noble effort of nation-building, may I know???……. [with interest, I’d be remiss if I wouldn’t mention THAT, but I digress..]!

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