Terrified Italian women turn against migrants: ‘It is not safe here anymore’

November 23, 2016


AN Italian town has been left gripped by fear after an influx of migrants has seen terrified women too scared to leave their homes.

Frightened females have taken to the streets to protest against the opening of a new refugee reception centre, which will welcome the arrival of more than 250 asylum seekers.

In front of the group are banners emblazoned with the powerful message: “No security, no freedom” as shockwaves are sent across the entire community of Aurelio in Rome.

Ilaria, 20, said: “We didn’t want the opening of a new centre.

“It is not easy to get around this neighbourhood at night.

“You feel followed, you feel observed. It is not safe here anymore. “

Soon-to-be-mother Eleanor, 30, added: “I no longer dare to go home alone in the evening, I call my husband after dark.”

  • Tiger

    Finally Poppie said no country should take more than they an handle. Too late for most of Europe and of Greece and Italy. They are monsters. Uncivilized and unclean of mind, body and spirit.


  • Rodney Steward

    And this is the same gutter rats that Obama’s bring in here as fast as possible, and most of these rats are made up refugees and really battle harden terrorist! Things have been way to quiet in this country right now, so look for something to happen real soon, as in before the boy leaves the house!

    • setemfree

      Not before, after Trump takes office so it will be blamed on Trump.

      • Rodney Steward

        I don’t think so, people know how each one of them feel about the muslims here, Obama wants them and Trump like most of America don’t!

  • NJ Lady

    The beautiful, peaceful country of Italia has now been ruined. Italia will now lose its tourist trade. Well, Nostradamus predicted this many years ago.

    • setemfree

      I will never visit Italy again. Its to bad a beautiful country with such culture is ruined by people that only believe in taking. I am sorry to all the citizens, and especially to the great chefs, and winery’s that you have to lose this business, and I cannot in good conscience recommend Italy as a place to visit any longer.

    • Tiger
      • Karll

        Yeah, I’ve seen this one. What the hell could these
        Europeans be thinking?

        • Tiger

          They had no choice. Their leaders, like O brought them in by the millions. The Europeans I talk to said they believe they were brought in to wipe out the people then be wiped out by the government, One World Order and there ya have it problem solved and no blood on their hands.

  • Karll

    The savage, non-assimilating Muslims have more rights than citizens
    who’ve lived there for generations. That’s “progressive”.

  • not peaceful muslims

    • Harry J Schaubel

      *hands to face looking shocked*
      You mean they really are NOT peaceful, loving, caring, nurturing, people? I mean just because it’s ok in their culture to rape women and children or cut off your head because you don’t believe EXACTLY the way they do, you think these people aren’t Peaceful?? Sounds like a cut & dried case of Islamophobia.

      Note to the PC crowd. This post is heavy on the sarcasm.

      • Catherinemstubbs

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    • Tiger

      Since their inception they have been nothing but a PIA of all civilized people.



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